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PET tray producer Clearly Clean purchases third facility

Orwigsburg, PA, United States

Clearly Clean Products, LLC announced the purchase of a 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Frackville, Pa. This building will act initially as a warehouse, then progress to be a distribution center and potentially another plant. It is located in the same complex as Clearly Clean's other two Frackville facilities (a manufacturing plant and a distribution center), which were both purchased over the last year and a half.

Clearly Clean, which was just named the fastest growing manufacturer in northeast Pennsylvania for the second year in a row, produces PATENTED 100% recyclable, smooth-edged Roll Over-Wrap® trays, vacuum-sealed packaging (VSP) trays, and recyclable modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays. Consumer pressure and corporate commitment – combined with numerous citywide and countywide bans on expanded polystyrene (i.e., plastic foam) -- are fueling the demand for eco-friendly packaging and accelerating the sustainability timelines of many organizations. 

"The new facility provides more warehouse space and will grow in function as we continue to expand," said Millard Wallace, a managing partner at Clearly Clean. "In addition, it will allow our maintenance crew to have a dedicated workspace. We're so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to purchase this building in order to keep up with demand. We are blessed to continue growing at such a significant rate."

Clearly Clean's award-winning recyclable food packaging is helping to drive plastic foam out of the industry and can be utilized for meat, poultry, seafood, produce, and deli. Its trays are available in multiple sizes and colors. They are made from PET, the same material used in recyclable water bottles, offering a recyclable, smooth-edged tray option to grocery stores, food processors, and packaging distributors.

"This purchase of another Frackville facility allows us to keep our operations in the same vicinity and create jobs for Schuylkill County," said Jeff Maguire, another managing partner at Clearly Clean.

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