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New additive

New ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™ UV390R from Avient provides light protection for rPET with improved recyclability

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Avon Lake, Ohio, United States

Avient Corporation announced the launch of ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™ UV390R, a new ultraviolet (UV) light-absorbing additive technology for both virgin and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) resin.

What does this solution offer?

Part of the Ultimate portfolio, ColorMatrix Ultimate UV390R is especially useful with high levels of rPET, offering UV protection that allows less than 10% UV light transmission up to 395 nm, or the edge of the visible spectrum, to protect contents from degradation. When using this additive technology with rPET, other benefits include improved bottle mechanical strength for better bottle-blowing performance, reduced bottle blowouts and stoppages, and lightweighting opportunities. This additive technology also can improve reheat performance and thereby reduce carbon emissions during bottle-blowing. Additionally, by helping to reduce yellowing of rPET upon subsequent heat histories, this additive technology supports improved recyclability.

Why is light protection important in packaging?

Beverages and personal care products can be affected by UV light, causing degradation of sensitive ingredients such as vitamins, micronutrients, and product emulsifiers, leading to reduced product quality and shelf life. Plastic packaging for these applications often requires an effective UV barrier, ideally allowing less than 10% UV light transmission up to 395 nm, or the edge of the visible spectrum, to protect its contents and increase shelf life.

Why is this important to brand owners?

When choosing performance additives for packaging, brand owners and manufacturers typically seek solutions that can help them progress toward their goals for a circular economy and enable them to meet legislation and directives on rPET content without compromising efficacy.

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