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MCC partners with Extrupet and Coca-Cola to bring recyclable shrink sleeve to the South African market

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  • RecycLABEL® shrink sleeves are certified by Extrupet for the South African recycling stream
  • Low density – floatable solution for the recycling of PET containers

Shrink sleeve labels are an ever-evolving solution, providing a dynamic and versatile choice for brand owners, however they can cause issues in the recycling process. Through close cooperation of industry leaders, there is now a certified shrink sleeve solution available to the South African market.

RecycLABEL® Shrink Sleeves

RecycLABEL floatable is a Polyolefin film shrink sleeve label that easily separates at the container grinding stage. The separation allows for easier recycling using a wet recycling process. The floatable label rises to the surface while the PET sinks, allowing clean PET to be recycled.


  • Low density – floatable solution for the recycling of PET containers
  • Superior Gloss and Transparency for “no label look” sleeve labels
  • Low Shrink Force to avoid containers squeezing during full or empty labelling process
  • Excellent print quality

Industry Collaboration

With a goal to bring sustainable solutions to the local market, MCC joined forces with Extrupet, the largest and most advanced recycler of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle materials on the African continent, to develop a solution that provides superior performance in the recycling stream. 

Extrupet applaud MCC for this development. PVC and PET shrink sleeve labels on PET bottles pose serious challenges to recyclers worldwide and do not in their own right have a recycling solution for end of life. We would encourage more brand owners to support these developments by making the change to their packaging design and look forward to celebrating announcements of the same. Congratulations to the MCC team in South Africa for going the extra mile to get this over the line.” says Chandru Wadhwani, Joint Managing Director at Extrupet (PTY) LTD.

Always at the forefront of sustainability, Coca-Cola collaborated with MCC to bring this label solution to market and, in turn, encourage recycling across South Africa. Cliffy Muthusamy, Sales Manager at MCC Africa explains, "To support Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste vision of having 100% of their packaging recyclable by 2025, MCC South Africa has partnered with local bottler, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, to help bring the vision one step closer to realisation. 

Being the incumbent supplier of shrink sleeves to CCBA, MCC’s RecycLabel solution for shrink sleeves was the obvious choice when the bottler sought out a sustainable solution which is not only suitable for their application process but is also well suited for the local PET recycling stream. Following the success of this development, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa has opened up the market to a real sustainable offering where a shrink sleeve is the preferred decoration medium.”

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