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Levissima, leading Italian water brand, trusts Sidel’s new EvoDECO Roll-Fed Labeller to secure line performance and label quality

4:20 min Labelling machines
Sidel Parma, Italy

Levissima, part of Sanpellegrino Group (Nestlé Waters), needed to address the growing demand for bottled water in Italy with a new complete line, producing its re-designed 1.5 litre bottle of pure, Alpine water. With the help of its long-standing partner, Sidel, Levissima was able to improve the quality of its label application while simultaneously increasing the output capacity. This is an achievement that took advantage of the new EvoDECO Roll-Fed, the latest addition to Sidel’s labelling portfolio.

The inhabitants of Cepina in the heart of the Northern Italian Alps have always enjoyed the purest water. In the early 1900s, doctors, surgeons and distinguished professors started to appreciate the therapeutic properties of this water: it is pleasant to drink, easy to digest, and remarkably diuretic. As such, it quickly became well-renowned beyond the boundaries of the valley and – in the 1930s – it started to be sold under the name of Levissima, from the Latin adjective levis, meaning “light”.  Today, Levissima is the favourite natural mineral water for over ten million families in Italy[1], as such ranking among the top three bottled water brands in the country, both in terms of value and volume.[2] Through the modern production plant in Cepina, Levissima water is bottled as pure as it flows from the spring.
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