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The new Krones Digital Solutions India facility in Bengaluru was inaugurated at the beginning of April. (Photo credit: Krones)

Krones: New location in India is growing internationally

1:40 min DigitizationIndia
Krones AG Neutraubling, Germany

  • In 2022, was established as a community spanning departments and disciplines internationally.
  • The aim in building it was to bring together all of the resources for digital innovation and automation across the group to collaborate on software solutions.
  • And now, another site, in Bengaluru, India, was established.

When was created in 2022, Krones blazed a new trail in terms of collaboration: within a matrix organisational structure, team members around the world work together in community to develop solutions for digitally innovative, automated production. „The matrix organization enables our colleagues to think and work together across global divisional and company boundaries. Everyone works in overarching development tribes, which are coordinated internationally. The entire value chain is covered – from product development to project execution right through to supporting our customers’ ongoing production operations,” explains Severin Diepold, head of the subsegment Corporate Digitalization and Automation.

In the meantime, the community has grown to more than 500 employees, spread across offices in the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic and China. Now, another location has been added in Bengaluru, India: Krones Digital Solutions India.

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