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K 2022: Mold-Masters introduces latest innovations

Georgetown, ON, Canada

Mold-Masters will be showcasing numerous new hot runner systems, controllers, and auxiliary injection units.

Piovan April

Minimize Virgin Material with Sustainable Co-injection PCR Solution

When it comes to Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials and sustainable applications, Mold-Masters has the proven capability. Utilizing the company's industry-leading co-injection multi-layer technology, Mold-Masters have the ability to combine two separate resins into a single 3-layer melt flow. This enables the cooperation to be able to inject high PCR content as the core layer up to 50% of total part weight without sacrificing part quality or cycle time while minimizing virgin material. In the firm's most recent production application, Mold-Masters implemented a co-injection system for producing 5 gal. (20 L) pails. Each of these 700g pails incorporated 50% PCR as the core layer.

PET-Series 2-stage Hot Runner System

Mold-Masters new PET-Series hot runner system delivers consistent high-performance processing capabilities for exceptional preform quality. As always, Mold-Masters is focused on increasing the customers productivity, enhancing reliability, and lowering part costs. The comany's PET-Series hot runner gives the customer the ability to fill thinner preforms (light weighting), to save resin thanks to better HR balance and less variation in preform weight, reduction in cycle time due to faster fill time and a wider process window along with a reduction of AA content.

Mold-Masters achieves this great performance with the industry leading iFLOW Manifold Technology. The firm's proven 2-piece manifold designs incorporate patented melt flow geometry, flow path options and runner shapes that allow the engineers to optimize performance to the customers application. In addition, we are also introducing a new PET-Series Nozzle with improved thermal profile, field replaceable heater sleeve and industry standard gate design. PETSeries nozzles also incorporate new MasterSHIELD Technology for enhanced leakage protection between the nozzle and manifold even during cold start-up.

PET-Series hot runner is compatible with any major brand of PET-preform mold.

New Fusion Series G3 Hot Runner System

Mold-Masters is proud to announce the launch of the new Fusion Series G3 hot runner system. Fusion systems are shipped completely pre-assembled, pre-wired, plumbed and tested for fast, one-step installation. Mold-Masters FusionG3 system incorporates several major enhancements (over the previous FusionG2 system) that helps optimize mold design and simplify/speed up installation. These enhancements include:

  1. Reduced nozzle bore cut-outs
  2. New nozzle heater sleeves (optional)
  3. More compact actuators (PN and HY)
  4. Room temperature installation

Fusion Series G3 nozzles feature more compact nozzle bore cut-outs to help minimize tooling requirements and are available in customizable lengths up to 1,000mm. Fusion nozzles incorporate field replaceable heater bands and gate seals to ensure molders can respond and fix issues quickly on-site to minimize downtime. Most gate seals are interchangeable between G2 and G3 so customers are able to convert to the new system in many cases without any special retooling. New heater sleeves protect the nozzle and wiring from damage during installation and do not impact cut-out dimensions.

The new compact actuators minimize stack heights with cut-outs that are the same or smaller than G2. Anti-rotation and valve pin disconnect are now standard features. Compact actuators are available as either hydraulic or pneumatic. The position of air/hydraulic lines and cooling lines can be rotated to be set perpendicular or oriented different to one another to allow easier access when space is limited. Headless Valve Pin is a new feature which can be re-worked in the field (steel safe).

FusionG3 also has the advantage that it is engineered to be installed and uninstalled at room temperature. It can be pulled directly from the shipping box and placed into the mold. This helps to significantly reduce installation time, eliminate extra equipment such as a temperature controller and improve safety conditions during installation, assembly and removal.

Mold-Masters Fusion Series G3 hot runner systems are covered with an available industry-leading 5-year warranty.

E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit (New EM5 Model)

Mold-Masters is proud to announce the introduction of their largest capacity E-Multi, the EM5. E-Multi is an all electric, servo driven auxiliary injection unit that offers proven precision, repeatability, versatility, and reliability. This new unit extends the capabilities of auxiliary injection units by offering an expanded shot range of 550g to 1,237g (18 to 42 oz). This larger capacity is well suited to the production of large individual components and high cavitation molds. Their EM5 model is expertly designed to meet the processing and capacity demands of the customers larger multimaterial applications across a wide range of industries. Due to its size and weight, the EM5 is intended to be installed in a horizontal configuration as standard however an optional vertical installation package is available.

The proven E-Multi platform is currently installed in over 500 applications globally. E-Multi easily and economically converts any existing injection molding machine to allow for multi-shot, multi-material or co-injection capabilities that can be implemented with significantly lower capital investment requirements and faster lead times than a traditional multi-shot injection machine. E-Multi units are available EM1-EM5 which offers a broad shot range from 7.7g to 1237g (0.26 oz to 42 oz) and is compatible with a range of materials including PCR and Bio-Resins. An E-Multi LSR is also available.

New AXIOM (TG-Thermal Gate) Single-Stage PET Hot Runner System

It’s time to modernize single stage PET bottle production. Mold-Masters new Axiom (TG) hot runner system brings the latest processing technology to enhance molded bottle quality, increase productivity and lower cost per part. AXIOM (TG) is an economical direct replacement to many existing outdated single-stage hot runner systems.

AXIOM (TG) is a newly developed optimized design created to meet the needs of single stage PET molders. It features a new optimized nozzle and gate seal design and incorporates Mold-Masters proven iFLOW manifold technology. The new AXIOM (TG) nozzle offers an excellent thermal profile to deliver precise and repeatable processing capabilities. Axiom nozzles incorporate individual nozzle heaters for individual temperature control which are also field replaceable for quick and easy maintenance. The nozzle also incorporates threaded nozzle base for integrated leakage protection. The gate seal design seals on the face and incorporates an industry standard cut-out which allows for a direct replacement for many common single stage hot runner systems that rely on outdated technology.

New SYMFILL Technology

Significantly Enhance Part Quality by Minimizing Barrel Bow

SYMFILL Technology significantly minimizes core shift to improve part quality (straightness) of cylindrical, centre injected components having an aggressive L/D ratio. It achieves this by allowing the melt to enter the nozzle runner channel from multiple sides as opposed to the single-entry point of traditional designs. Examples of such components that would benefit from this technology include blood tubes, needle shields, over caps and other similar parts from the medical, cosmetic and stationary industries.

Minimizing barrel bow offers many downstream processing advantages which includes:

  1. Tubes roll concentrically in the labelling machine.
  2. Increases final stage throughput.
  3. Minimizes machine downtime.

NEW Cylindrical Hot Valve – CP (CHV-CP) Gate

Mold-Masters introduces a new gate seal engineered to extend gate quality production life and simplify maintenance. Suitable for Packaging and other similar applications it is compatible with Commodity and Polyolefin resins (PP, PE, TPE).

Incorporates Enhanced Pin Guidance

  • Funnels the pin to the gate to avoid contacting cavity steel.
  • Minimizes wear to maintain gate quality and extend service life.

Features a Replaceable Gate Insert

  • Provides molders with an easy to replace component.
  • Eliminates traditional gate hole rework/welding.
  • Allows for maintenance costs to be much more predictable and minimizes downtime.

Compact Ø3mm OD Tip (1.0mm gate)

  • Can fit on a wide range of parts
  • Will produce a double witness ring.
  • Since tip contouring and texturing is possible the visual impact of the ring can be minimized on the part surface.

Dura+ Hot Runner System for Automotive Lenses

The ideal hot runner system for consistent, high quality production of automotive lens components that demand exceptional clarity. Engineered to perform with today’s challenging resins it is compatible with corrosive resins such as PC, PC-ABS & PMMA.

Dura+ Nozzles provide an enhanced thermal profile to maintain molded part quality (preventing resin burns) and strength.

The system is also constructed using special materials which offers enhanced corrosion resistance to extend service life and help prevent contamination defects from appearing in the molded part.

Dura+ hot runners incorporate a selection of field Replaceable Components to help minimize downtime (includes nozzle heater sleeves, manifold flexible tubular heaters and manifold heater plates).

Dura+ is available with Mold-Masters industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Summit-Series Hot Runner System for the Most Challenging Applications

The industry’s latest advancement in hot runner technology delivering peak performance and ultimate precision. Ideal for molding with today's challenging abrasive, corrosive, shear and temperature sensitive resins like PC, POM & PBT. Summit is critical for demanding Medical, Personal Care and Technical molding applications.

Summit-Series Nozzles feature the company's most precise thermal profile (generally only 5% max temp. variation) which make them ideal for molding shear and temperature sensitive resins. The system is also constructed using special materials and coatings which improves durability and extends service life when processing corrosive or abrasive resins. This also helps prevent contamination defects in molded parts from premature wear of internal components. Summit-Series also features Mold-Masters iFLOW Manifold Technology which incorporates Patented melt flow geometry, flow path options and runner shapes. This allows for extensive flexibility for design optimization and is why hot runners with iFLOW benefit from best in-class melt management, industry-leading mold fill balance and rapid color change performance. Summit-Series is available with Mold-Masters industry-leading 10-year warranty.

LSR Cold Deck

Mold-Masters Now Offers Solutions for Processing Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR).

Now get valve gated cold decks for precision LSR molding from Mold-Masters through the firm's exclusive strategic partnership with KIPE MOLDS. KIPE brings over 40 years of highly successful LSR knowledge and experience to the customers. The customers best solution for optimized processing of LSR in single shot or over molding applications across any industry. Mold-Masters LSR Cold Decks feature specialized LSR nozzles that provide wide shot ranges which include optimized gate designs providing faster cycle times and exceptional part quality. Integrated water jackets accurately maintains process temperatures to help ensure the highest molded part quality. Valve gated designs enhance process control and allow for a wide range of material viscosity compatibility.

In addition to the LSR Cold Deck, Mold-Masters has the ability to provide turn key solutions including the Multi LSR Auxiliary Injection unit which easily converts any machine to allow for a second shot of LSR for over molding capabilities.

TempMaster M3 Temperature Controller Featuring TCConnect Technology

Mold-Masters is proud to be introducing the company's NEW TempMaster M3 controller platform which incorporates many new exciting innovations including revolutionary TC-Connect Technology that eliminates the need for traditional T/C control cables altogether. Eliminating these traditional cables, which make up 50% of all mold cables, saves significant cost, weight and clutter from the molding cell. TC-CONNECT Technology utilizes a new eBOX design that attaches to the mold. A single, thin and lightweight data communication cable (similar in size to Ethernet) connects from the back of the M3 controller to the eBOX. It’s as simple as that. Wiring the Hot Runner system remains unchanged. This technology is compatible with new and any older (retrofit) Hot Runner Systems.

New TempMaster Manifold Plastic Leakage Detection

Mold-Masters is proud to announce a significant enhancement to Advanced Plastic Leak Detection capabilities found on their TempMaster hot runner temperature controllers. Mold-Masters is the first in the industry to utilize Thermal Analysis to detect plastic leakage within the manifold pocket. This innovative Manifold Leak Detection feature is certain to save molders a considerable amount of repair costs and downtime.

New TempMaster ME Hot Runner Temperature Controller

Mold-Masters is proud to introduce the new TempMaster-ME hot runner temperature controller. The ME platform is focused on providing a controller unit that is highly economical, simple to operate/maintain and available with short lead times (off the shelf/ready to ship). The TempMaster-ME controller is suitable for low cavitation molds (12 zones max) in a compact and lightweight package that is packed with the production and safety features that matter most. This includes Soft Start, Wet Heater Bakeout, Continuous Ground Fault Detection, Overload Protection, Automatic Tool Diagnostics, Plastic Leak Detection, Tool Storage and more. TM-ME also supports 13 languages which includes: English, French, German. Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Portuguese and Korean.

Supply voltage is 200/240v 3P Delta or 380/440v 3P Star (480v, 3P with transformer). As the TM-ME is a standardized off the shelf unit, inventory will be held at various global facilities, so they are ready to ship and available with short lead times (24-48hrs). Additionally, for the customers convenience, you have the option to order this controller with the choice of industry standard mold plugs.

SmartMOLD: Injection Mold Monitoring System

SmartMOLD is a cloud-based software platform dedicated to the plastics industry providing real-time data to drive injection molding innovation. Process data is collected from sensors embedded within the injection mold which offers feedback and insights that drive enhanced productivity. The comapny's solution is the first step towards predictive and autonomous capabilities within the customers facility. In addition to collecting sensor data, SmartMOLD software offers performance tracking, downtime tracking, scrap tracking, maintenance reminders, alerts, reporting, analytics, mold info, document storage and more. SmartMOLD is compatible with any brand of equipment.

Mold Masters at K: Hall 1/C05

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