COLD JET - K Preview

K 2022: COLD JET - The future of dry ice cleaning in the plastics industry

0:55 min Mould cleaning
Loveland, OH, United States

Cleaning tools, molds and surfaces is one of the most quality- and cost-critical manufacturing steps in the plastics industry. To help make this process more efficient, Cold Jet provides several innovative dry ice solutions. They enable effective yet soft, non-abrasive cleaning of delicate contours and fine cavities of injection molds.

Commonly used for environmentally friendly cleaning blasting is dry ice in the form of blocks, discs, nuggets and pellets. Depending on the cleaning application, a choice can be made between a 3 mm dry ice pellet blasting system or Cold Jet scraping technology, which uses any form of dry ice. Typically used in the plastics industry, the compact, electric, single-hose, low-pressure blasting systems with patented micro-particle scraping technology are used for dry ice blocks. In addition, at K show we will present our latest innovation, the i3 MicroClean 2 and the PCS60 with Cold Jet’s patented particle control technology.

Dry ice production systems:

Manufacturer Cold Jet also offers systems that combine dry ice pellet production and dry ice blasting in one system (Combi system) and is capable of integrating with a robot. In addition to its dry ice based cleaning systems, Cold Jet is the world’s leading supplier of high quality dry ice production equipment to both industrial gas and end users around the world, producing the highest quality dry ice available.

Cold Jet at K2022: Hall 11, Booth 11G12

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