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SIPA - Interpack Preview

Interpack 2023: SIPA to show prowess in bottle making, filling and handling technologies

1:28 min Hotfill
SIPA S.p.A. Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy

SIPA will be present at Interpack 2023 to show how much is possible in container production and filling using its innovative process technologies and design input.

The SIPA stand will be in three parts, with in-depth looks at production of large containers, at technical applications like hot-fill, and at how PET bottles can prove advantageous in applications that are still largely the province of glass, such as wine and spirits.


SIPA is a leader in equipment for producing large and very large PET containers. At the top of the range is the SFL 1 Maxi linear stretch-blow unit, used around the world to make containers up to 30 liters in volume, at a speed of 1000 per hour. At Interpack, visitors can witness production of 20-L stackable edible oil bottles.

The full range of machines and molds available from SIPA for production of large containers and also preforms will be presented on a video display, as will the company’s solutions for downstream equipment, all the way through to palletization; in fact, a multilayer pallet on the stand will show how stackable such containers can be. Customers can benefit not only from high performance and low TCO of the equipment, but also SIPA’s support in design of containers and preforms.


Big bottles are not the only out-of-the ordinary products where SIPA has accumulated years of experience and expertise. In an area on the stand dedicated to “challenging” applications, the company will display an array of bottles for products requiring hot-fill and other special filling methods, all produced on its lines. A second monitor will demonstrate projects that SIPA has successfully completed in the field.

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