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SIPA - Interpack Preview

Interpack 2023: SIPA - taking PET bottle blowing to the MAX(I)

SIPA S.p.A. Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy

Large PET bottles for vegetable oil are being produced on a linear stretch-blow molding machine on the SIPA stand (13B62) at Interpack. SIPA is a leader in equipment for producing large and very large PET containers, and this machine, the SFL 1 Maxi, is the largest in the range, capable of making containers as large as 30 liters. Interpack visitors can see production of 20-L stackable bottles.

Piovan September

The SFL Maxi 1 is a SIPA solution for small- and medium-scale production of the largest types of PET containers. It is part of a small recently-rebranded family of SFL Maxi machines that take molds with two or three cavities, or one extra-large single-cavity mold (they were previously called SFL 2/2, SFL 2/3, and SFL 1 XL).

One big bottle at a time

As its name suggests, the SFL Maxi 1 blows one bottle at a time. It is ideal for production of returnable bottles at a rate of around 250-300 units per hour, or 600-700 one-way types per hour, depending on shape and size. Neck finishes up to 80 mm are possible. It is a perfect fit for segments as water, beer, wine, vegetable and mineral oils, and household chemicals.

The unit on the Interpack stand is producing a concept container designed by SIPA. It caters for a trend in the vegetable oil market towards larger formats.

Cost-efficient production

Numerous features on the SFL Maxi are geared to the most cost-efficient production of large containers. For example, preforms are constantly rotated for a perfectly symmetrical distribution of heat. Ventilated ovens maintain the preform internal temperatures at a sufficiently low level, avoiding excessively high temperatures on the external wall of the preforms.

Preforms pass in front of 16 infrared lamps lined up on one side, with mirrors having vertical slots on the other side. As an option, 45-degree or 90-degree lamps are available in order to heat up special preforms. The system is supplied in its standard configuration with two ovens; a third oven is optional.

Toggle press with electric option

Stretching and blowing is performed in a toggle press with pneumatic compensation. An electric drive, for extra-smooth and smart opening and closing, is optional. The axial stretching of the preforms is carried out by a servo-driven stretching rod that provides a high level of repeatability and consistency.

Another option is an additional blowing unit to pre-stretch the preforms. This provides low-pressure pre-blow, and enables a more precise wall thickness distribution, which can be particularly important for bottles with handles.

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