Infinity Recycling's Circular Plastics Fund reaches €105 million committed capital

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Infinity Recycling BV, a growth capital firm investing in advanced plastics recycling technologies, is pleased to announce the highly anticipated new closing of its Circular Plastics Fund I (CPF), achieving €105.3 million in committed capital. The backing from its new investors, which include the European Investment Fund (EIF) and GC Ventures (CVC of PTTGC), underscores the strong market confidence in Infinity Recycling's vision and growth prospects.

The CPF, with an initial target size of €150 million, is an Article 9 'dark green' impact fund under the EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. Its investments aim to accelerate the transition to a circular economy of plastics by scaling up advanced recycling technology companies with strong growth prospects that transform plastic waste streams into primary commodities used to produce new plastics. The contribution of the fund's investors will expedite the commercialisation of the advanced recycling market, playing a role in enabling a circular economy for plastics and contributing to decarbonisation across the industry.

"The proportion of plastic packaging that is recycled is still far too low," said EIF Chief Executive Marjut Falkstedt. "Our climate change and environmental sustainability challenge is a combination of many different issues, and the excessive use of plastics is a major factor. A lot can be achieved by changing our habits, but innovation is key to finding new ways of dealing with structural plastic use and making sure we use every piece of plastic as many times as possible. With the support of the InvestEU programme, we are very happy to be supporting this kind of innovation."

"Sustainability is key to our business operations and our commitments", contributed Kamel Ramdani, Senior Vice President of PTTGC and MD of GC Ventures. "Applying the circular economy principle to closed-loop plastic waste management, recycling, and upcycling is mandatory. This includes developing new solutions through innovation and their market impact to better meet people's needs."

Since the fund's launch in February 2022, the team has gained momentum and made significant inroads by investing in four portfolio companies, with three follow-on investments, all well-positioned to deliver private equity market returns and lasting impact. Infinity Recycling, together with the management teams of the portfolio companies have embarked on a journey to achieve operational excellence for long-term value creation and sustainable development to attain these goals.

"We are pleased to have such well-regarded investors in the Circular Plastics Fund and are thankful for the support from new limited partners such as EIF and GC Ventures, who have recognised Infinity Recycling's differentiated investment focus", shared Jan-Willem Muller, Managing Partner at Infinity Recycling.

Infinity Recycling BV was established in 2019 to create markets for end-of-life waste streams by investing in advanced technologies that enable circularity in the plastics industry. Their first offering, the Circular Plastics Fund, contributes to solving the plastic waste problem and unlocking much-needed capacity in high-in-demand recycled commodities. The fund implements a return and impact-driven investment strategy that drives value creation in advanced recycling and accelerates the transition to a circular economy for plastics. Building on the momentum in investor interest and deployment, the fund is well on its way to final closing, projected for Q4 2023.


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