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Dear Reader,

Design for recycling: The demand is not new. It applies to the PET industry, of course to packaging in general, also to the automotive industry - yes, ultimately to the entire mechanical engineering sector. Design for recycling is not a finalised process. For decades, the topic has been on the agendas of development departments and, driven by market requirements, is moving ever higher up the prioritisation scale. In terms of climate and environment, this is a necessary development.

Lighter - faster - less (energy) - more (rPET): We have always met the challenges along the value chain of our industry - injection moulding, stretch blow moulding, filling, labelling, closing, caps and closures, recycling - with engineering and technology. The development of the PET bottle was considered a triumph. But do the current solutions – without question all outstanding engineering achievements – still trigger genuine enthusiasm?

Pioneering spirit: Are we in danger of losing it? I think not. After all, engineers are always on the lookout. But in PET machine manufacturing, and not only there, we technicians must seek out a different, new terrain to let it sprout again and bring it to blossom. If we tread new paths openly and without reservations, I am convinced that the emerging innovative technological topics will definitely make it back to the top of the prioritisation scales. Then things will get really exciting again in PET systems and mechanical engineering.

New directions: AI has long entered our lives. The introduction of ChatGPT and its controversial discussion are suitable for broadening awareness and opening our perspective. This new technology, complex and at the same time extremely practical, turns into a real experience when we try it, when we work with it. I am convinced that we are at a point where the imagination in mechanical and plant engineering will be set in motion and given new wings.

Nobody can escape AI: Those who ignore AI risk losing their place in the orchestra of tomorrow’s products and services in the global PET packaging and filling market. AI will provide answers to the questions that have always concerned us: What technical, sustainable and economic optimizations can be achieved for preform and cap production, for PET bottle production, for blocked filling lines and recycling processes and what new business processes can result from AI along the PET value chain? Will markets and market participants even change as a result of new business processes?

Welcome to the future: In the conversations preparing this issue of comPETence magazine, it flashed - the AI-driven pioneering spirit. I am convinced that it will revolutionise mechanical engineering and help us to achieve our climate and environmental goals faster and more sustainably. Design for AI!


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto Appel

PETnology/tecPET GmbH

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