Horus Pharma announces new partnership with Plastic Bank to recycle nearly 100 tons of plastic

Brussels, Belgium

Horus Pharma, an independent French laboratory specialized in ophthalmology known for its expertise in developing preservative-free products designed to facilitate eye and eyelid health, has formed a partnership with Plastic Bank to recycle nearly 100 tons of plastic per year.

The partnership is part of Eco’ Ophtalmo, Horus Pharma’s environmental programme. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been deeply-rooted in Horus Pharma's DNA right from its founding in 2003. Over the years since then, The company increasing awareness of the impact industrial activities can have on the environment has led to numerous initiatives.

Horus Pharma has committed to constantly seeking new solutions, through innovation and partnerships, in order to reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible. Through its strategy of joint actions and initiatives, it encourages and supports ecologically-responsible practices so that they become more widespread in its industry. The company has two main objectives: to work and act together to reduce the environmental footprint and raise awareness among ophthalmologists on the impact of their medical practices.

Claude Claret, CEO and co-founder of Horus Pharma, said: “Horus Pharma has committed, in partnership with Plastic Bank, to recycling nearly 100 tons of plastic before it reaches the ocean by the end of 2023. This is the equivalent to nearly 5 million plastic bottles (500mL). In France, the plastic recycling rate averages around 30% of consumption. Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, we will ensure 100% of the plastic sold (for more than a dozen products) is recycled and converted into Social Plastic®. At the same time, the programme has a positive social impact helping people living in coastal communities in developing countries earn a secure income, plus related social benefits.”

(Source: Business Wire)

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