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Holland Colours increases manufacturing capacity to support successful growth

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Apeldoorn, Netherlands

In order to accommodate the strong demand for light blocking colorants in PET packaging for dairy applications, Holland Colours is proudly announcing the expansion of their manufacturing capacity in Asia, at their Surabaya (Indonesia) plant. With this, the company also reinforces its global market leadership in this field.

Ready for the future

Henri Jacobs, director in charge of Asia, explains: “This investment will significantly increase our capacity and capabilities of our light barrier solutions. With this expansion, we also anticipate a surge in global demand for PET packaging for long shelf-life milk and other dairy products.

Supporting thought leadership position in light blocking colorants

As the specialist in customer-specific coloring products, Holland Colours used their 40 years of experience to become the first company to globally introduce their first versions of advanced light barrier technology for monolayer PET UHT milk packaging back in 2007. “Our solution, called Holcomer, sparked a revolution in the dairy packaging market at that time.”, says Coen Vinke, CEO of Holland Colours.

“Over time, we have launched a number of new developments and we have a promising innovation pipeline ahead of us. The entire Holland Colours team is proud to invest in the Holcomer expansion program as an immediate answer to the demand of our customers for co-designed solutions and value-added services.”, Vinke concludes.

1-pack solution: colorant & project support

“This expansion plan is far more than solely a matter of production capacity. It aims to give operations the most advanced equipment in the market in order to provide our customers and team members with the technology and capacity they need to grow in a sustainable way”, adds Jacobs.

Holland Colours has extensive know-how in light barrier technology for dairy and other packaging products. Working with equipment suppliers and other partners, they provide their customers with ongoing support and advice to make the switch from traditional packaging to PET packaging quick and easy. 

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