InnoPET BloFill: The heart of the line for still water is the InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler block with its Innofill PET DRV filler that processes up to 12,000 bottles per hour. (source: KHS Gruppe)

New Plant

High-tech in the mountains - Armenian water bottler A&M Rare procures two lines from KHS

7:27 min Filling & Bottling
Dortmund, Germany

A&M Rare’s new, ultramodern bottling plant seems almost surreal in its Armenian mountain setting. This is a place where unspoiled scenery and naturalness are writ large – with regard to both the company’s exclusive products and the production of the same. The company relies on KHS for the plant technology for its new PET and glass line.

Sheikh Mohammed Mussallam has run a good number of companies in many different fields in his time – among them the construction and telecommunications industries and hotel sector. In his early fifties he found he was keen to try something new. When he visited friends in Armenia ten years ago, they greatly enthused about the quality and purity of Armenia’s water – and for the first time the sheikh learned of the many legends and myths that surround this essential element here. It gave him an idea.

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