GEA launches new filling technology for ESL beverages

GEA has recently launched its new Whitebloc Filling System Aero that has been specially designed to be used for bottling Extended Shelf Life (ESL) beverages. Whitebloc Aero has been developed with the benefit of GEA’s extensive experience in aseptic filling to inspire the design. GEA is a global supplier of complete filling lines that handle the entire process from raw material reception to final bottling and palletization.

During the recent years, a key trend in the market for dairy products has resulted in the demand and consequent development of a wide range of high-quality dairy beverages with a prolonged shelf life compared to fresh products, with an increasing request in both developed and emerging markets.

The new Whitebloc Aero uses proven technology that has been optimized to meet the specific needs of producers of ESL beverages, that often focus on small batch production, to give them the edge in a competitive marketplace. These include simplicity, efficiency, reliability, practicality, sustainability, flexibility and the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The GEA Aerobloc Filling System Fresh

As part of the newly launched Aero platform, GEA has also developed a dedicated filling system designed specifically for fresh beverages: the Aerobloc Fresh. This is a hygienic filling platform for milk and liquid dairy products with a short shelf-life, without requiring any container decontamination. Its versatile, modular design allows the option of adding a synchronized stretch blow molding machine or an air rinser and/or a neck trimmer to meet the specific requirements of the product and container material.

Together, the Whitebloc Aero and the Aerobloc Fresh completes the range of advanced filling equipment for ESL and fresh beverages from GEA as end-to-end dairy processing single-source supplier. They have been designed based on the wide GEA’s expertise in handling aseptic and sensitive products yet keep the simplicity, flexibility and reliability producers expect. With the benefits of GEA’s global Service support and strong local technical team, Customers can feel confident that their processing and manufacturing infrastructure will work to help ensure their continued business success.

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