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CONTEXO - Drinktec Preview

Drinktec 2022: Tethered Caps - Highspeed assembly with Contexo's all-in-one-machine

0:43 min Caps & Closures
Winterbach, Germany

Faster and more efficient assembly of "tethered caps" - made possible by the patented “all-in-one”- machine from Contexo, which the company will present at drinktec 2022 in Munich.

The additional integration of the slitting process enables fast and reliable production. At the same time, the process also allows more options when implementing innovative closures.

ALL PROCESSES INTEGRATED: from assembly to folding and roll slitting of the TE band to closing and packaging. The advantages of the concept are obvious: small footprint, significantly reduced costs and less energy consumption. In short: less investment, more safety and a long machine service life.


It is also interesting for product development: this opens up unimagined possibilities for product design. Whereas previously there were restrictions in terms of shape and appearance, innovative, eye-catching designs are now possible with the Contexo system. The vulnerability of the TE bridges is eliminated and the rotating mold axis makes unusual shapes possible. Even closures without TE bridges are feasible.


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