(Photo credit: SGR Société Générale de Recyclage)

SGT - Drinktec Preview

Drinktec 2022: SGT presents new monolayer dairy preform with less than 4% of TiO2

0:32 min Drinktec 2022Preform developments
Rezé, France

SGT will present a new single-layer dairy preform with a very low mineral content (less than 4%) at drinktec which the company has developed in partnership with Avient.

The ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four One Zero formula allows, in fact, to block light up to 99.9%, even with a low wall thickness (200 microns). Dairy products, such as UHT milk, sensitive to oxidation are thus protected and kept longer, up to 6 months, without altering taste or sensory and nutritional properties.

This 100% recyclable single-layer preform can be perfectly integrated into a closed bottle-to-bottle circuit and can contain up to 100% RPET.

The entire 38 mm neck range can be produced in a single layer, with lightening possibilities, and adapts perfectly to all production lines.

SGT at drinktec: Hall C 5

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