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SACMI - Drinktec Preview

Drinktec 2022: SACMI Beverage equipment, high-added-value services for customers

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Sacmi Imola S.C. Imola (BO), Italy

At Drinktec (Messe München, Messegelände, 12-16 September 2022) SACMI will be presenting the new high-added-value services package offered by the SACMI Beverage BU. Key features include attentiveness to the customer’s needs, innovative digital and on-site services, support, training and proactive maintenance.

A sole partner to manage every phase in the Beverage equipment lifespan. A provider of high-added-value services based on listening to customers’ needs and advanced training, support and maintenance packages, ensuring customers always get the most from their investment in SACMI technology and maximize its long-term profitability. 

These are the hallmarks of the SACMI Beverage Customer Service team, which will be showcasing its innovative technologies, services and customer care skills at the Drinktec fair in Munich (Messe München, Messegelände, 12-16 September 2022). 

SACMI provides continuous customer support and covers everything: from ‘product idea’ to the best technologies needed to put that idea into practice, and the solutions to manage and maintain those technologies over time. At Drinktec, SACMI Beverage will illustrate all this through an interactive platform, with the assistance team on hand to provide details as required.

The ‘voice of the customer’. SACMI Beverage’s comprehensive assistance services rely on the capacity to interpret and anticipate the customer's needs. The first step is attentive listening, via the VOC (Voice of the Customer) service, an advanced database designed by SACMI Beverage to measure perceived levels of satisfaction with the services provided. 

This begins on-field, immediately after testing of the machines, with SACMI Beverage Customer Services drawing up personalized assistance plans that span the entire working life of the plant, and even beyond. 

Yet the service isn’t only about supporting customers at every stage: The company uses constant feedback to set appropriate improvement drivers and thus upgrade the service over time. 

Training. SACMI Beverage’s advanced specialist training services teach workers to properly use and maintain the machines, thus streamlining new plant start-ups. Available either on-line or on-site, these services provided more than 150 courses in 2021 alone, around 120 of them with on-the-job training. 

With a mix of theoretical, practical, in-classroom and in-cloud methods, training courses are always tailor-made. They also make the most of the opportunities offered by new e-learning services, such as topic-specific tutorials. 

Lifetime support. Machines and plants need life-long care, which is why the firm takes a multi-year approach, dividing customer support into several sub-services. With the new lifetime support package, the customer can correct the causes of any malfunctions, yet also analyze the process data to limit the risk of machine downtimes and handle production peaks without any worries. 

Using ‘time-based’ analysis, the SACMI Beverage Customer Service team measures machine part consumption rates using both on-site analysis and annual measurements. The package ensures the availability of local stocks (i.e. spare parts one should have in the warehouse depending on the condition of the machines and procurement times) and, alongside them, condition-based services and annual maintenance programs. 

Customers can opt for complete ‘first supply’ kits but can also make use of special emergency kits so they’re ready for specific production problems. 

Lifetime extension. The 8 warehouses worldwide and 7 local offices located on five continents ensure that spare parts for SACMI Beverage machines and systems are always available. Moreover, all SACMI original spare parts purchases can be made on-line. 

One of the latest core features of the ‘extended lifetime’ service package is that it can increase the effective machine/plant lifespan beyond the standard period, making it a high-added-value service that is now an integral part of the SACMI Beverage portfolio. 

For example, at the time of investing in the machine, customers can purchase a certain number of spare parts or consumables kits (i.e. parts subject to normal wear that require periodic replacement). Or, given the dynamics of today’s Beverage market, they can pre-acquire the ability to implement a certain number of format changeovers on the line.

The list of opportunities also includes the optional efficiency kits that guarantee the highest performance, even after several years’ equipment use. Last but not least, the revamping kits let customers intervene on specific machine parts or the entire plant.

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Maintenance. A plant or machine must work efficiently over time. That’s why performance indicator monitoring is crucial to profitable plant management, proper assessment of maintenance tasks, replacement planning and upgrades. 

The SACMI Beverage service team runs comprehensive on-site diagnostics on the customer's machines and plant. It also provides Programmed Maintenance Plans (PMP) to ensure preventive, proactive task scheduling. 

Another major new development is the PPS (Performance Protection Service) package, which extends the maintenance concept to include protection of the manufacturing asset (i.e. to guarantee the long-term return-profitability of the investment). 

S.P.A.C.E. The SACMI Portal for After Sales and Customer Service Excellence (S.P.A.C.E.) is the online gateway to all SACMI assistance services. 

For example, customers can contact the help desk directly by entering a simple ticket in the appropriate section of the portal. They will then be contacted as soon as possible by a SACMI technician. In addition to providing remote, augmented or virtual reality assistance, the technician can guide the worker through the troubleshooting sequence or dispatch a team of technicians from the nearest SACMI office. 

Launched in 2019, SACMI S.P.A.C.E. has since increased both the quantity and quality of its services and they now range from specialist training (Academy) to spare parts e-commerce. On request, all spare parts billing and electronic payment procedures can be digitalized, as can the new efficiency and assistance kits and the complete preventive or scheduled maintenance plans. 

Virtual commissioning services & the new «Packaging Center». Through its virtual commissioning service, SACMI Beverage supplies customers with manufacturing simulations. These provide valuable support during plant design and configuration, thus accelerating the preliminary stages of completion. And this approach doesn’t end with design: it lets you create a smart, adaptive ‘virtual twin’ of the plant that can guide your decisions over time. 

More recently, SACMI Beverage set up a new Packaging Center, a service provided in synergy with SACMI Lab. Here, customers can make use of all-round consultation - to obtain guidance on everything from the design of the product to the best technologies needed to make it - and innovative solutions certified by the industry’s key brand owners. 

In-Cloud services. When a customer chooses to share machine data in-Cloud, SACMI technicians can also perform work directly on the machine, remotely and in real time. Advanced sensors, interconnected machines and plants, the IoT ecosystem and the ability to share data securely in-Cloud have further revolutionized production and assistance, taking us towards a full smart manufacturing scenario. 

The service aims to maximize such opportunities in compliance with cybersecurity principles. Proactive problem-solving (i.e. the identification of potential problems before they actually occur), thus ensuring efficient, trouble-free manufacturing at all times. 

SACMI at Drinktec 2022: Hall B5

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