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Companies associated with the Barcelona Packaging Hub develop corporate wellbeing strategies to build employee loyalty and improve their wellbeing

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Barcelona, Spain

Flexible schedules, employee branding, active group listening or intensive working days are some of the proposals currently being developed by members of the Barcelona Packaging Hub to promote corporate wellbeing.

To define some of the actions being developed, employee branding is a corporate strategy whose objective is to turn workers into brand ambassadors, thus influencing the company's image.

Active listening, on the other hand, consists of collecting suggestions, improvements and other information from employees in order to evaluate them with management and human resources managers. Active listening helps to motivate employees and increase their efficiency by involving them in the company's objectives.

Esther Las, Talent Manager at Mengibar, partner-founder of Barcelona Packaging Hub, indicates that the human resources department meets annually to talk to their employees and ask them how they are doing. In addition, they consider it a special moment, since the worker stops doing the tasks to stop for a moment. As Esther points out, it is about "disconnecting for a moment to reconnect". After the meeting, both for the employee and for the company, conclusions and sensations can be drawn to take actions in the future. From Mengibar they know that it is a time well invested that brings results.

Following Covid-19, INVPack, a vertical stick pack and sachet packaging and filling company, has decided to implement a year-round intensive working day. The benefits have been manifold: the intensive working day has meant that production employees are not overheated, productivity levels have improved and staff are much happier. In addition, Mariona Pasqual, Marketing & Communications Manager, points out that if there is a peak workload and there is a need to stay after work, the employee does not leave in the afternoon/evening and still has time to enjoy his or her personal life.

Sònia Fuentes, export manager of Effytec, recalls that she received a call from INVpack for the supply of masks and, thanks to the synergies between the companies of Barcelona Packaging Hub, they have been able to help each other, providing the necessary product.

It is precisely this cohesion between associated companies that allows the development of projects that would be unfeasible without synergies. In the case of corporate wellbeing, the good relationship between associates allows the transfer of knowledge and success stories in order to take corporate wellbeing further.

Corporate wellbeing

The management of human talent in the company is one of the most important issues today. That is why the concepts of corporate wellbeing have come to our days with great power, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Employee well-being generates a bond of belonging between company and employee. This bond is of great value, since achieving efficiency in the workplace is a challenge for many companies. Developing actions that increase employee motivation contributes to higher productivity. On the contrary, poor management of employee wellbeing, causes certain problems such as increased absenteeism, high staff turnover or lack of motivation, and in turn negatively affects the company's productivity.

"Companies do not exist without the people who make it possible," explains Ester Las, human resources director at Mengibar, co-founder of Barcelona Packaging Hub.

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