New granulator series

CMG Granulators: Innovative scrap recycling solutions for Thermoforming applications

C.M.G. S.p.a. Cento di Budrio (BO), Italy

CMG Granulators introduces a newly designed granulator series for in-line scrap recycling, suitable for sheet, skeletal sheet and reject parts grinding.

Purpose designed GT line for thermoforming

CMG Granulators introduces a newly designed granulator series for in-line scrap recycling, suitable for sheet, skeletal sheet and reject parts grinding.

The new GT series comprises four models, suitable for small to medium capacities, to cover applications ranging from 200 through to 1.000 kg/h.

Innovative technical features

The signature feature of the GT series from CMG Granulators is the blade set up design: the rotor blades are positioned at a high degree of inclination, 50°, in respect to the bed blade, so to guarantee the best cutting precision, the highest dimensional homogeneity of the regrind, the lowest sound emissions and absence of powder.

The cutting chamber is “bolt & dowel” assembled, does not utilize cast or welded component and all parts are CNC machined to obtain the highest precision of assembly to the 100th of millimetre.

20Wh/kg is the small amount of energy that a CMG granulator uses, compared to over 40 Wh/kg that a conventional unit consumes.

All the GT models are low profile and sound enclosed, so to be positioned right underneath the finished product conveyor belt and to keep the production environment the quietest possible.

The highest capacity of the category

The position of the screen is precisely underneath the cutting chamber and offers the highest performance of discharge, to guarantee minimal residence time of the regrind in the cutting chamber and highest throughput.

The unit is evacuated through a full-vacuum evacuation system, that not only preserves the integrity of the regrind by conveying it under negative pressure in large diameter pipes, but also eliminates any possible powder generation and pollution.

Robustness and dependability

CMG provides technologies and solutions designed to meet all the unique and innovative demands of the Circular Economy. CMG's solutions for the rigid packaging industry include granulators, shredders, integral feed conveyors, evacuation and regrind transport systems, dedusting units, dust management and air filtration. CMG's installed base is considerable: over 30,000 units supplied to its customers in the company's 43 years of activity.

Service 4.0

With Headquarters, Production Site and Technical Center in Italy, and the largest distribution network in the plastics industry, CMG is active all over the world with localized technical service, spare parts and sales centers.


(Photo credit: CMG)

Tomra November


  • Low profile configuration for easy positioning.
  • Suitable for sheet, skeletal sheet and parts grinding.
  • Quiet operation, fully sound insulated.
  • Highest regrind output capacity.
  • Uniform regrind dimensions with minimal dust content.
  • Bolt&Dowel cutting chamber assembly.
  • Tangential cutting design.
  • Horizontal screen orientation.
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