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Cascades enhances its line of eco-friendly packaging with an innovative recycled material solution

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Kingsey Falls, QC, Canada

New 100% recycled PET tray which is also recyclable

Cascades is proud to announce the expansion of its eco–friendly packaging line with the addition a 100% recycled PET tray which is also recyclable1. Its innovative design makes the tray perfectly compatible with the packaging equipment already used by food processors and retailers.

The 100% recycled PET composition of this tray and its optimized design make it a leading alternative to hard-to-recycle food packaging. By using recycled PET exclusively, Cascades is helping its customers reduce their impact on climate change by 69%.2 The desire to include this new product in the logic of circular economy was a priority from the outset of its design, and the efforts made in this regard led to meaningful recognition: How2Recycle® has prequalified this tray as widely recyclable in Canada and recyclable in limited communities in the United States.3 It took three years of research to develop its unique design that allows for minimal use of materials while ensuring optimal rigidity. Its rolled edges reduce the risk of tearing when using shrink-wrap, helping to prevent food waste.

"This latest innovation is the fruit of our continuous efforts to find more sustainable solutions and develop a truly circular economy for food packaging. We would like to thank our early adopter customers for their trust," said Luc Langevin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cascades Specialty Products Group.

The tray is manufactured in Québec at the Cascades Inopak plant, which has benefited from an investment program of over $30 million aimed at supporting the development of packaging made from 100% recycled PET flakes. These investments are part of Cascades' plan to grow as a North American leader in eco-friendly packaging. This new product contributes to the achievement of one of the goals in Cascades' Sustainability Action Plan: that 100% of its manufactured packaging be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030.


(1) In the United States, the tray may not be recyclable in some areas. Please check with your municipality.
(2) Life cycle analysis of Cascades trays (LCA), Groupe AGÉCO, July 2021.
(3) How2Recycle® is an initiative of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

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