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Cap Development Process to Meet Customer Expectations

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We want to know from Bruno Königseder and Augustin De Tilly from Aptar, what lies behind the development of a new product category such as “Tethered Caps”. In other words, what does it mean to develop a new era of closure?

CC: How do you handle new and upcoming challenges?

It is a process, as with all other new developments. Before we start as developers and engineers, another process is more important; another area is more important: First and foremost, it is about understanding consumer needs and consumer behavior, which today is more than ever characterized by convenience and sustainability. We as Aptar are completely open to the new challenges of the market and sustainability requirements. We started developing the topic of tethered caps for flat caps five years ago. So it is not new to us. It’s a new challenge for the entire market, not just for the closures.


CC: Flat and flip caps are not really new, they have been used for some time, for example, for home care products. The application in the beverage sector, however, is new. Are new solutions needed here?

Yes, indeed, this is a new kind of challenge. The requirements are different. Of course, beverage bottles are used differently than, for example, a home care bottle, and this has a great effect on the closure. Imagine a bottle with a flip cap: While the bottle containing detergent is mainly moved only within the household, beverage bottles lead a completely different way of life: they are used in the car, on the bike and for example during sports. The bottle may be transported in a bag along with a laptop, possibly the bottle is pressurized laterally or otherwise experiencing higher pressure, possibly taking damage. That means the locking system has to be absolutely safe - without leakage. So we start our considerations with the end user, the consumer as a starting point. Only then does our gaze focus on the technology. What the consumer wants and how he uses the packaging, that’s the question first. As a result, with regard to tethered caps for beverage bottles, we had to create something new, a snap cap with a large opening angle. That is, when the consumer drinks, the cap must be far away from the face. It must under no circumstances disturb the mouth and affect the drinking pleasure. So with a detailed consumer study, we can find and define the technical specifications for new applications or challenges. And then the development begins. We have managed to generate some patents for this new closure. There are many specific, small aspects that are very important in the end for the technical solution.

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