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New flexible PET line

Bickford’s Australia boosts flexibility through Sidel’s aseptic technology with dry preform sterilisation

Sidel Parma, Italy

Bickford’s, a family-owned and treasured Australian brand, put their trust in Sidel for the very first time and installed a complete, flexible PET line, handling both sensitive beverages and carbonated soft drinks (CSD). Riding the wave of healthy living, Bickford’s was not only able to expand their portfolio but also to improve production efficiency and sustainability. All in all, this significantly optimised their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while relying on new bottle designs.

Bickford’s is one of the oldest and most valued Australian brands, holding a premium positioning in the market with exports to 32 countries worldwide. Founded in 1839, they are an independently owned business, with head office and operations based in Adelaide (South Australia). Their offer is diverse: producing CSD, cordials, flavoured water, still and sparkling water as well as juices, dairy and non-dairy drinks, syrups and alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, spirits and cider.

In Bickford’s home of Australia, as in many other countries, one can observe increasing health consciousness and wellness concerns as key drivers for the growth of beverage categories such as bottled water, especially flavoured options. Juices, nectars, soft drinks, isotonics and teas (JNSDIT) are also affected by this change in consumer behaviour and are predicted to show a positive trajectory in the next three years. Notably, Australia also has a strong coffee culture. Although the focus on RTD coffee clearly is about taste and functionality with customers seeking a quick energy boost, future products might shift towards health-promoting benefits.

Furthermore, given the keen competition within these segments as well as the premiumisation trend across the board, new product developments are increasingly focusing on flavour variety, accompanied by the introduction of new packaging formats for further diversification in the market. In the beverage industry but in particular in water, JNSDIT and CSD segments, PET is projected to remain a popular packaging material in the future.

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