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Recyclable closure

Aptar Closures’ new Future Disc Top supports beauty packaging demands for recyclability, e-commerce, and consumer convenience

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Aptar Closures continues to deliver on its commitment to design for recyclability while providing convenience and safety to end-consumers. One of the most recent introductions to the market is Future Disc Top, a fully recyclable* closure that was also made to withstand the rough e-commerce journey to provide peace of mind to brands and consumers.

Ideal for the beauty and personal care categories, Future Disc Top stands out on several fronts. Made entirely from polyethylene (PE), which is one of the most commonly recycled packaging materials in the world today, it allows brand owners to deliver more recyclable packaging for a wide range of products. This is the first of its kind in the market, helping to solve the problem of mixed-material packaging, where only the container itself can be recycled. To ensure full recyclability, Future Disc Top should be paired with a suitable PE or PET bottle. Notably, a version made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) content is also available, further demonstrating Aptar Closures’ commitment to providing strong solutions aligned to circular economy principles, and to helping brands deliver on their sustainability promises.

In addition to its more sustainable design, Future Disc Top was made to deliver the quality, safety, and aesthetics desired by brand owners. With numerous color variations to choose from, the new closure has been designed to suit a variety of brand looks, while the integrity of the construction guarantees a strong, smooth, and durable closure and locking mechanism.


Furthermore, Future Disc Top is Amazon ISTA-6 compliant and well-suited for e-commerce shipping. It features an integrated locking/unlocking ring that firmly secures the contents of the bottle while facing the rigors of the e-commerce supply chain all the way to the consumers’ doorsteps. This ensures consumers will receive their order intact and ready to be used, without the need for excessive tertiary packaging such as shrink sleeves and bubble wrapping, while also avoiding the increasing amount of returns due to packaging fails and product leaks.

Future Disc Top has proven its value proposition in terms of recyclability by receiving a Class A rating from the EU’s RecyClass sustainability validation organization and certification from Cyclos-HTP, the Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility in Europe. It joins the multi-award-winning Future Lotion Pump, which is also fully recyclable and e-commerce capable, in the rapidly expanding category of practical and sustainable Future solutions designed with the health of the planet and its people in mind.

“Adding to our range of game-changing solutions, Future Disc Top excels by effortlessly combining sustainability with e-commerce capability and excellent quality to deliver a future-oriented closure option that delivers on the demands for recyclable and convenient products in beauty and personal care,” said Ricard Canal, Global Platform Director at Aptar Closures “As such, Future Disc Top allows our brand partners to design standout, holistic packaging solutions for a circular economy and to support brands and consumers alike in their recycling ambitions.”


*Future Disc Top is fully recyclable when paired with a PE or PET bottle.


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