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Chemical recycling

ALBIS distributes chemically recycled plastics ECOTRIA® CR and SKYPET® CR from SK Chemicals

1:23 min Chemical recycling
Hamburg, Germany

As of the beginning of the year, the ECOTRIA® CR and SKYPET® CR product ranges have been certified according to REACH and are distributed by ALBIS throughout Europe. With their use of up to 99 percent chemically recycled plastics, the products of the South Korean manufacturer SK Chemicals have a lower carbon footprint than their fossil-based counterparts, with no compromise on properties or quality. They are now part of the ALBIS sustainable product portfolio.

ECOTRIA® CR and SKYPET® CR are based on chemically recycled PET waste, which is available as raw material after the chemical recycling process. Due to their excellent physical, chemical, and optical properties, they are ideally suited as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable drop-in solution for fossil-based plastics. The materials achieve outstanding results in numerous manufacturing processes, including the cosmetics and food packaging industries, thanks to excellent transparency and processability.

The CR materials of the proven ECOTRIA® and SKYPET® product series of the ALBIS portfolio contribute to increased sustainability in many ways. Chemical recycling of plastic not only reduces the CO2 footprint of the materials, but also enables HTR (hard-to-recycle) plastic waste to be returned to the material cycle. The resulting wider range of recyclable plastics contributes to an overall higher recycling rate and reduces dependency as well as use of emission-intensive crude oil. SK Chemicals is one of a few companies worldwide to successfully apply this process in practice.

"Chemical recycling is a crucial technology to continuously strengthen the recycling of plastics and essential to our own goal of achieving zero emissions by 2040," says Sung-jin Lee, Managing Director of SK Chemicals Europe. "We are pleased that ALBIS is joining this vision and that our new solutions are reaching even more companies as part of their comprehensive sustainability portfolio."

"The new chemically recycled products are a clear commitment to sustainable plastics solutions from our partner SK Chemicals," says Stephan Schoen, Senior Director Product Management. "The brands perfectly complement our leading sustainable portfolio and offer our customers another way to integrate environmentally friendly and resource-saving solutions into their applications."

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