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Neck Finish

Cetie issues a new free standard for PET neck finish dedicated to attached caps

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In the context of European Directive 2019/904, the European Commission mandated the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) to draft a standard to establish the specifications for attached caps of single use plastic bottles.

After many meetings in CEN, with intensive support of Cetie*, the first project for the standard has now been written and registered at CEN at the end of 2020. The specifications are based on two key requirements:

  • The attachment of the cap with the PET-bottle must resist a minimal force of 25 Newtons (12N for some other types of containers).
  • The attachment must withstand 10 opening/closing cycles without breaking, so as to be reliable throughout repeated openings of the product.

In order to respect the application period required by the European Commission (July 2024) and to anticipate the modifications required to products and production lines, manufacturers in the sector are already introducing attached cap solutions.

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