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Xiaoyangren launches sports drink featuring Aptar’s sports closure

| Caps & Closures | Aptar | Crystal Lake, IL | United States

The dynamically shaped bottle, with Aptar’s sports closure, reflects a youthful attitude towards life – a love for play, adventure, and sports. With a novel design, this sports closure has dual wings on the top, to symbolize vitality and energy, and the clam-shell cap can be flipped open with one hand, ideal when playing sports, and making it easy to drink on-the-go. Simplisqueeze®, Aptar’s flow control silicon valve, is smartly designed into the spout to help avoid leaking, even when the closure is open – making it convenient and hygienic.

Generation Z has become an indispensable consumer group, with the evolution of national brands requiring a constant dialogue with this generation. Emotional identification can be achieved by using product differentiation to break the “dimension wall” between brands and consumers.

With the slogan “The sight of Xiaoyangren Miaolian, our first feeling of love!” and its sour, yet sweet taste, it is an iconic drink that resonates across several generations. Today, to make an emotional connection with Generation Z, Xiaoyangren launches their unique, innovative Cool Sports drink – aimed at those who work hard, love sports, and follow fashion.