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The future of Rigid Packaging Technologies – SACMI at Fispal 2021

| Business function | SACMI | Imola | Italy

The 35th edition of the fair, this year to be held on-line, will see the SACMI Rigid Packaging Technologies business play a pivotal role. The ever-more comprehensive technological range focuses on advanced controls, sustainability and new multi-line, multi-material solutions.

Fispal 2021, the 35th edition of the fair, is going online. And playing a key role on this ‘virtual event platform’ (4-8 October 2021) will be the comprehensive solutions showcased by Rigid Packaging Technologies.

Complete metal cap solutions

Over 95% of the world’s crown caps are produced with SACMI machines. Markets are showing ever-greater interest in metal closures, which has led SACMI to invest heavily in this long-standing business: from the development of complete lines for the production of ROPP caps, ring-pulls and twist offs with PVC-free liners to the new MASC (multi component aluminum SACMI Caps) lines, a solution that provides outstanding quality and user-friendliness.

Continuous Compression Molding 4.0

With over 2,000 solutions sold worldwide in 91 countries - around 300 in Brazil - SACMI leads the way in the production of one-piece caps with compression technology. High productivity and low energy/raw material consumption are the hallmarks of this technology, which SACMI has developed further in 2021 with the introduction of cutting-edge sensors and 4.0 controls.

New standards, new possibilities

With over 1,000 cap designs developed for customers around the world, SACMI is the number one developer of integrated neck-cap solutions. This year has also seen SACMI work on the development of new lightweight-focused standards and dedicated solutions for customers looking to invest in the new tethered standard.

Preforms & post-processing

The ability to approach the market as a sole provider and offer expertise on each stage of the process is a SACMI hallmark: today the range is more comprehensive than ever and includes IPS injection molding machines for preforms and the latest cap post-processing solutions.
Much of the focus is on meticulous attention to recycling and reuse (the IPS range is equipped to process 100% rPET and up to 50% PET in recycled flake form) yet also on post-processing solutions, such as the integration of cap slitting and folding machines (SACMI SFM) on cap lines and new assembly solutions.

CBF rises to the plastic containers ‘green challenge’

The sustainability challenge is equally important in the containers sector, with the innovative single-stage CBF (compression blow forming) process offering more accurate control of thicknesses, more flexible use of different raw materials (HDPE, PET) and, in general, lower energy consumption than alternative solutions.

AI control vision systems & services

A provider of excellence in terms of technology and service, SACMI also offers dedicated vision systems on all the machines in the range. Such systems are based on latest-generation software and artificial intelligence algorithms, which extend the quality control concept from product to process.
By early 1969 SACMI had already opened its own sales branch in Brazil, one of the world’s first, establishing a beachhead in a country that has always been strategic for the Group's development prospects. Today, SACMI do Brasil, staffed by a team of technicians and highly qualified personnel, guarantees round-the-clock assistance to customers, in synergy with new remote assistance services provided by the parent company.