PETnology Europe 2019, 14-15 October 2019

Superiority in Sustainability Matters

| PETnology | Regensburg | Germany

Join industry executives from leading global brands and suppliers like BRITVIC, CARLSBER, PEPSICO ... to work on the future of PET - with our passion, our dedication and with the definite belief in its superiority. 

PET packaging faces its most severe and fundamental challenge yet: Effectively conveying its superiority in sustainability matters over glass and cans to consumers and brand owners - and the entire society. If we fail to address this misconception in the end-user's mind, PET packaging, and with it the environment is heading for a highly precarious and unstable future.

Extend your knowledge, expand your network and partner with peers in order to create a sustainable way into the future of PET packaging. Dates and locations close to the K show will allow combining two important industry events.

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