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SMI: Detergents in PET - Practical, safe and advantageous choice

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Now more than ever we are surrounded by PET containers of sanitizers and room and personal hygiene detergents. Safety, functionality, innovation and ergonomics are the main features that the containers used by manufacturers of detergents and sanitizers must have. These characteristics can be easily achieved by using a packaging material that is now back in fashion: plastics.

The advantages of plastics (especially of PET) in the production of containers for personal care and pharmaceuticals are many.

This material is cheaper than other packaging solutions, it is light, flexible and has a high resistance: a very useful feature, especially during the transport and storage of products; furthermore, the processing of plastics requires less energy compared to other materials (such as glass).

The world consumption of plastic materials for producing containers for household cleaners has grown an average of 4,8 % per year over the last ten years (data 2010-2019); a growth determined by an evolution of the sector, in which liquid products or products contained in plastic bottles are progressively taking market share from powder cleaners or detergents in tablets packed in cardboard cases.

SMI designs and manufactures moulds and machines for stretch-blow moulding, filling and packing containers in PET.

Thanks to a team of highly specialized engineers and latest generation tools, SMI is able to design, develop and virtually prototype a wide range of packaging solutions in PET, according to the customer's specific requirements.

For large-scale production at low cost of these containers, SMI offers a wide range of rotary stretch-blow moulders from EBS ERGON series, available in stand-alone or ECOBLOC® version, integrated with the filling and capping modules.

SMI machines from EBS ERGON range are compact, efficient and ergonomic and perfectly adapt to the needs of smart & green factory for productions up to 36,800 bottles/hour.

Advantages of EBS ERGON series

•  high-efficiency rotary stretch-blow moulding system, equipped with motorized stretch rods;
•  ultra-compact solution, that it is suitable for any layout solution. In ECOBLOC® version, the stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping operations are integrated into a single block and the machine does not require the rinser and the conveyor belts between the stretch-blow moulder and the filler;
• precise and fast filling and capping process, thanks to an electronic control system of the operations and to the use of high-efficiency valves, controlled by flowmeters;
• low energy consumption of the stretch-blow moulder, thanks to a preform heating module, equipped with high-efficiency IR lamps and to a double-stage air recovery system, that allows the reduction of energy costs related to the production of high pressure compressed air;
• frame with a modular design, without welding, equipped with very resistant and long-lasting safety doors, made of tempered glass;
• precise and constant control of all process stages;
• fast format changeover and mould replacement;
• low running and maintenance costs.