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Shrink wrapping

SMI: Bepensa - A modern packaging plant for the 100 % Mexican ready-to-drink beverage

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In Mexico, in the city of Querétaro, you are immediately fascinated by a magical atmosphere that invites you to have a break and to taste a refreshing cocktail, like the ready-to-drink “Caribe Cooler” produced by Bebidas Internacionales Bepensa S.A. de C.V.

In order to automate the secondary and tertiary packaging process of its production plants, the Mexican company turned to SMI for the supply of the SK 602T ERGON shrink wrapper and the APS 3090 ERGON automatic palletizer.

The 36,000 bottles/hour Caribe Cooler bottling plant is the result of a recent investment in new technologies that has allowed to strengthen the presence of Bepensa on domestic and foreign markets.

The company, that has been on the market for almost 30 year, is a leader in Mexico in the production of soft drinks featuring a wide range of flavours and sold under the brand Caribe Cooler, able to meet any consumer preference.

For the secondary and tertiary packaging of 0.33 L and 0.75 L glass bottles, Bepensa chose the automatic, flexible and efficient packers from the SK ERGON range and the palletizers from APS ERGON series produced by SMI.

Thanks to IoT technology with which they are equipped, the solutions purchased by the company based in Querétaro allow to quickly switch from one pack format to another, to manufacture packs with a high quality aesthetic appearance, to manage production processes with a high level of sustainability and to achieve significant energy savings.

Shrink wrappers from SK range stand out for:

  • continuous motion packaging system, that ensures a smooth production process, without any jerking movements, which protects containers from strikes, guaranteeing greater reliability, better pack quality and a reduction of mechanical wear
  • easy and quick format changeover to quickly switch from one pack format to another, by alternating the production of different types of packs
  • high operational flexibility to easily and quickly adapt production plants to the changing needs of the company and to pack 0.33 L and 0.75 L in packs in film only, tray+film and pad+film in single or double lane
  • packer equipped with hot blade sealing that allows to join the edges of the two shrink film reels installed on the machine without stopping the production process
  • shrink tunnel equipped with metal chain: a solution that ensures improved film grip beneath the pack

APS palletizing system stands out for:

  • easy and intuitive man-machine interface, that allows the operator to easily and quickly control the end-of-line palletizing operations
  • low running and maintenance costs
  • easy integration inside current or new packaging lines