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Serac accelerates the speed of its rotary cup filling lines

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The latest version of the cup filling machine Neo designed by Nova, a company of Serac Group with 80 years of experience in dosing and cup filling, is today able to fill cups up to 12 000 cph just as efficiently and reliably as any other lower output. With this increased output, Serac is offering a solution for taking advantage of indexed rotary cup filling that matches the continuous need for faster speeds and bigger batches with less labor intensive to operate. 

Neo: smart and versatile cup-filling lines

The Neo range is intended for filling pre-formed cups at low and medium speed. Neo rotary machines are very compact thus complete solutions that include cup de-stacking, filling, lid placing and sealing, coding and overlid placing units. This compact and ergonomic design allows to reduce the footprint on cup packaging lines compared to linear solutions.

They have been designed with all Nova’s expertise in dosing and volumetric filling in order to be easy to install, operate and maintain.

Neo machines are particularly versatile as they can be used to fill cups with yogurts, dairy desserts, food products and even beverages. Two filling stations offer the possibility to produce single or two-layer products, the supplementary layer being either pre-filled or post-filled. They can process cylindrical or rectangular cups and deal easily with several cup sizes. Changeovers require no tool and can be done within 15 minutes.

A specific version is also available for the automatic filling of non de-stackable containers such as glass or carton cups.

A new version for cups until 12 000 cph

Thanks to this newly developed Neo machine, the indexed rotary cup filling is no longer limited to low speed filling. This rise of speed allows now manufacturers to target markets which report an increase of yogurt and dairy products consumption with more and more new products formulations and packages. 

The latest version of the Neo filler has also been designed with a constant concern for cost optimization, so as to be within reach for a maximum number of manufacturers.

Equipped with packaging decontamination system

Capitalizing on its aseptic filling experience and packaging decontamination, Serac indexed rotary machines can also be equipped with a dry H2O2 decontamination system.

This type of cup treatment meets the hygiene and food safety requirements of dairy and food manufacturers that are developing products with more natural ingredients and less preservatives and further answering the demand for healthier food products.

Dairy products: a market led by product innovation

Yogurt, processed cheeses, dairy desserts are part of any meal around the world, be they traditional in the local culture or pushed by modern consumption trends. Dairy companies cherish those market segments which gives them an opportunity to add value to their industry. However, competition is harsh and differentiation through continuous innovation is a must for any manufacturer looking for a perennial business.

This is why Serac is striving to propose smart packaging solutions that emphasize product innovation, relying for products packed in cups on Nova’s long term expertise of all kinds of products and textures (liquid, semi-liquid, pasty, viscous, aerated...).

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