K-Show 2019

SACMI inaugurates the sustainable plastics era

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All the latest from SACMI Closures, Containers& PET to be showcased at K 2019 in Düsseldorf - Europe is outlining the future of plastics. A future that SACMI, in its centenary year, is already making its present thanks to a concerted drive to offer markets a comprehensive technology-solutions package that will help the industry transition to a zero impact future.

The key recipients of the SACMI range are the world's converters (pivotal players in process and product innovation alongside international brand owners). Now, they're getting ready for the coming edition of the K fair in Düsseldorf, the biggest international exhibition of plastic and rubber technology, to be held in Düsseldorf from 16 to 23 October.

The common thread running through all the new SACMI products on show is sustainability: reducing the amount of virgin resin used in processes and augmenting opportunities for complete recycling as per circular economy principles. A further revolution, then, for an industry that has, in recent years, made huge progress in terms of cap and preform lightweighting (and, therefore material consumption).

The prospect of using growing quantities of recycled resins (to the point that they actually constitute the bulk of the used materials) to produce containers is already a reality in SACMI. The development of such solutions is being driven by a desire to meet two essential needs: to intercept new sensitivities in the industry – both culturally and in terms of legislation – and to boost the capacity to offer personalised, modular, versatile, just-in-time solutions.

In this respect, then, the new technologies on show at the fair are crucial. However, no less essential is the new package of advanced services SACMI provides to ensure total quality control of production and comprehensive, long-term after-sales assistance. Thanks to the application of lean manufacturing techniques and AI, SACMI is the world's only competitor capable of providing an all-round technology-service package, from raw material to labelled container.

Discover all the latest from SACMI at the fair hall 13 # 13A63.

Sustainability by SACMI. The future starts here.