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Sacmi focuses on the environment and acquires 100 per cent ownership of Eurofilter

| Business function | Sacmi | Imola (BO) | Italy

Sacmi has acquired 100% ownership of Eurofilter. It aims to see the company achieve further growth. The operation will also see Eurofilter play a key role in Group development plans as its solutions and services are applicable to multiple businesses and are set to play a pivotal 'green' role that mirrors the growing importance of the environmental aspects of smart production 4.0.

"This decision", observes the President of Sacmi Imola, Paolo Mongardi, "stemmed from the need to invest in a company, already an industry leader, to generate further growth and make the most of a wealth of know-how by implementing projects of potential interest to all Group businesses. Moreover, this takeover comes at a time of ever-stricter regulations (Italy already has advanced environmental protection laws) and a growing awareness that sustainability and other 'green' issues are the keystones to implementation of Industry 4.0".

Eurofilters products range from waste/process water treatment solutions to heat retrieval. "When it comes to environmental matters, our district pays the utmost attention to regulations and environment-related awareness", explains the General Manager of the Sacmi Group, Claudio Marani. "One of today's greatest challenges is transferring this approach to all world markets, both those where the implementation of environmental services is something new and those similar to our own where regulations and the current situation in the ceramic industry is decidedly underdeveloped compared to that in our own companies".

"What's more", continues Claudio Marani, "being a 100% Sacmi-controlled company will let us plan investment in new business areas where the Group is already present, from beverage to metal powder, from closures to packaging. All manufacturing processes have plant engineers whose task is to ensure process quality and workplace health and safety. Being able to offer a comprehensive, integrated range also as regards environmental services provides added value for Sacmi, as we're aware that the capacity to reduce pollutants and supply clean conveying systems is set to play an ever-greater role both in Italy and abroad".

As regards the quality of the services in the portfolio, the goal isn't just alignment with regulations, it's also - and above all, re-use: "Industry still sees environmental regulations as a burden, yet ", observes the President of Sacmi Imola, Paolo Mongardi, "there comes, in all industries and on all markets, a point at which firms realise that compliance is actually a vital investment, one that enhances quality of work, process efficiency and, ultimately competitiveness. Eurofilter is perfectly placed to penetrate multiple target sectors and achieve further growth, in parallel with improvements in quality and an expansion of the range of services provided."

"Operating within the Sacmi Global Network as a 100% Sacmi-controlled company will allow Eurofilter to approach the market from a position of strength, win over customers worldwide and ensure it is ready to respond to changes - which can be brusque - in regulations and environmental awareness", concludes Claudio Marani.