P.E.T. Engineering is Cribis D&B Rating 1

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P.E.T. Engineering has obtained the highest financial reliability index “Rating 1 D&B ” certificate from Cribis D&B. This prestigious acknowledgement, assigned to less than 6 % of the companies analyzed, is the synthetic indicator of the size and the riskiness of a company. It is awarded on the basis of the analysis of payment transactions, cash flows and trends in payments. The D&B Rating 1 officially grants P.E.T. Engineering’s highest financial reliability index, based on a deep analysis of the financial solidity of the company.

Marco Preti, CEO of D&B , said: "In this particular phase of the economic cycle still characterized by a great uncertainty and the consequent need to put the utmost attention to the potential problems in trade relations, we wanted to focus on more virtuous companies pointing out the excellence on the national territory. On the other hand, knowing which customers are the most reliable is as important as identifying the most critical ones. These are, in fact, the trading partners you have to invest and rely on to overcome the crisis."