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Nissei ASB Machine: World’s First Triple Row, One-Step ISBM Machine

| Blow Moulding & Coating | Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. | Nagano-ken | Japan

Always the innovator, Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd., long-time leader in one-step ISBM will introduce yet another world first at Drinktec 2017 in the shape of their new ASB-150DPX model.

For many years the company has provided compact, high output machines with some models configured for double row molding to provide high output of small containers, but the ASB-150DPX takes this quite literally one-step further with triple row molding. 

At Drinktec, it will be molding a 100ml, 5.3-gram yoghurt drink container in 36 cavities at over 20,000 bph.  This lightweight container requires a very short preform that would be impossible to handle and re-heat in a two-step system, which would anyway require 3-4 times greater floor area than the compact one-step molding system. 

The 150DPX expands ASB’s flagship models to three variants; 

  • ASB-150DP – Single row molding up to 16 cavities, for very large bottles and jars
  • ASB-150DPW – Double row molding of medium sized bottles and jars up to 32 cavities
  • ASB-150DPX – Triple row molding of small bottles in 36 or 48 cavities 

Each share a common footprint & architecture providing standardized maintenance and operator training but the DPX includes added features to maximize efficiency in small container molding;

  1. Injection clamping stroke is optimized to container size.
  2. Upgraded hydraulics provides fast and smooth cycle of injection clamping.
  3. Servo hydraulic pumps offer up to 30% reduction in energy consumption.
  4. Optimized blow air circuit achieves up to 50% reduced air consumption. 

An in-house custom designed pick and place take-out unit with conveyor system will also be demonstrated allowing prospective customers to easily install the molding machine up-stream of a filling line. 

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