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New ColorMatrix™ Optica™ toners from Avient Correct Color, enhance performance in rPET

| Material technology | Avient | Cleveland, OH | United States

As food and beverage brands increasingly seek to support a circular economy by using more recycled PET (rPET), several aesthetic and processing challenges inherent in rPET are also emerging. To help combat these issues, Avient today announced the launch of ColorMatrix™ Optica™ PET blue toners and colorants, which enable enhanced recyclability of PET packaging.

Variations in the aesthetic appearance of rPET are caused by multiple heat cycles, as the material is recovered and reused. This can include yellowing and other color variations. In addition, processing efficiencies are reduced as the material is recycled.

Formulated for addition to virgin PET and recycled PET (rPET), heat-stable ColorMatrix Optica blue toners work to correct and reduce the yellowing or color variation that typically occurs during the recycling process.

The solution also incorporates the added benefits of ColorMatrix™ SmartHeat™ RHC technology for improved processing performance. These include: 
•    Improved bottle mechanical strength
•    Reduced stoppages, blowouts, and scrap rates
•    Reduced energy consumption during the bottle blowing process

ColorMatrix Optica blue toners are formulated for injection molding and extrusion processes, and are commercially available in major global markets.