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Avient highlights sustainable solutions to enable post consumer recycled (PCR) content in packaging

Cleveland, OH, United States

Consumers are demanding improved sustainability in the products they buy and from the companies who make those products. Those sustainability demands also extend to the product packaging, and Avient Corporation continues to launch material solutions that are meeting the challenge.

"The interest and activity for our sustainable solutions used in packaging has never been higher," said Walter Ripple, Vice President of Sustainability, Avient. "Brand owners for all types of consumer products are setting sustainability goals to increase the amount of post-consumer recycled content (PCR) used in their packaging and improve the recyclability of that packaging at end of use.  Avient's innovation enables both."

Most large consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have made commitments to increasing recycled content up to 100%. In response, Avient has formulated unique materials that are helping these companies meet those ambitious sustainability targets. Recent Avient innovations have included:

  • Rejoin™ PCR Masterbatch colorants for polyolefin packaging applications, launched earlier this year, are made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyolefin as a carrier resin. This material was developed in response to growing customer demand and is already being utilized in one of the world's largest CPG companies to achieve 100% PCR packaging on multiple personal care product lines.
  • ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Toners & Colors, when added to PET and recycled PET (rPET) materials, correct and reduce the color variations and yellowing that occurs during the recycling process. Formulations also improve downstream manufacturing and reduce costs for converters, bottle blowers, and ultimately, CPG companies.
  • ColorMatrix™ rePrize™ IV Builder is a patented, liquid additive for the manufacture of rPET that increases the quality and performance of the recycled material, while reducing the energy needed to produce it. This results in the ability to increase recycled content without sacrificing packaging performance.

"The ability to use recycled content is a priority for our customers and for our world," Mr. Ripple said.  "We are proud to utilize our material science expertise to advance more widespread adoption of PCR usage and contribute to creating a truly circular economy."

This is the first in a series of communications that will highlight the many ways that Avient is enabling customers' sustainability goals through the company's expanding sustainable solutions portfolio of products and services.  Future topics will include other timely focus areas, such as formulating with bio-based materials, lightweighting and improving recyclability.

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