Moretto: 40 years of business published in new book series

| Business function | Moretto | Massanzago, Padua | Italy

The series "Imprese d'Italia - I protagonisti dell'economia", published by editorial initiative 24 Ore Cultura, tells the story of entrepreneurs who have characterized the economic structure of Italy with their activities. A portrait of Renato Moretto, the founder and current president of the Moretto Group, has now appeared in this series.

The book traces the history of the entrepreneur and company MORETTO, starting with the foundation of the company on January 14, 1980, as Renato Moretto went to the Padua Chamber of Commerce and established the ''Lavorazioni Lamiere company of Moretto Renato''. Today MORETTO is an internationally operating and recognized brand.

The book shines a light on the trials and gratifications of running a business on a personal and professional level.