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Film Shrink Wrappers

SMI: Give value to your product though packaging

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Detergents, cleaners, cleaning and chemical products are often packed in containers with a square or a rectangular base.

Containers with a square base have in fact shapes and technical features that make the handling easier, especially in case of high capacity containers, and represent a great marketing tool that gives value to the product they contain.

Ad hoc packaging for square and rectangular containers

For the packaging of rigid containers with a square or rectangular base, like briks, packs and clusters (even cylindrical containers can be packed by means of specific optional equipment), SMI launched the AFW (Angular Film Wrapper) ERGON range of film shrink wrappers with 90° infeed.

Smooth and continuous packaging

The packer is equipped with a perpendicular infeed, L-shaped compared to the product movement direction on the worktable, that ensures a smooth and continuous packaging, even in case of containers with a particular shape or with a great movement instability; this solution ensures the optimum flow of the loose product channeled that arrives from the production line, in order to create the selected pack configuration without hitches or interruptions.

Maximum operational flexibility

The packers from the AFW ERGON range reach production speeds up to 40 packs per minute, according to the machine model and the type of product to be worked. They are suitable for packing a wide range of containers in several configurations, in order to effectively meet the current and future final user's needs.