CMG granulator blade. (Photo credit: CMG)

Size reduction applications

CMG granulators in support of the industry: replacement blades and screen promotion

| Business function | CMG | Cento di Budrio (BO) | Italy

In an effort of supporting all its customers in the world in this period of extreme difficulty, CMG has engaged into a significant program of cost optimization, with the objective of being able to offer very attractive prices for replacement blades and screens, that are common wear and tear components of any granulator, large or small.

CMG General Manager Giorgio Santella says: “The involvement of every party, internal or external, in the production process of blades and screens, starting from the fabrication phase all the way to the packaging of the goods, allows us today to offer an unprecedented discount of 40%. We strongly believe that those spare parts be indispensable for our customers to keep operating efficiently and safely. We want to provide the most appreciable and concrete contribution to all our customers, so to ease the very difficult times we are all going through today and to be ready for the restart of the business”.

The promotional sale of blades and screens has started just recently and will be kept in place until September 2020.

CMG designs and produces solutions for size reduction applications in the plastics industry, including granulators, shredders, integral infeed conveyors, regrind evacuation/conveying systems and powder separation executions.

The installed equipment base of CMG is considerably large. The company has been in business for 41 years and has delivered in excess of 30.000 units.