Granulation system for thermoforming app. (Photo credit: CMG)


CMG at K2019: size reduction 4.0

| Business function | CMG | Cento di Budrio (BO) | Italy

Integration, optimization, energy efficiency, production consistency, homogeneous regrind characteristics and absence of dust, these are the technological developments that CMG will present at its stand E22, hall 9.

Materials, production, design and engineering:

all characterized by a single element, that of innovation. CMG offers complete solutions for size reduction, unique in its kind, which distinguishes the company's offer at the apex of the various application sectors in which the company operates: thermoforming, extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, recycling and cables.

Only new equipment on display in the CMG stand:

technologies and solutions designed to meet all the unique and innovative demands of the circular economy. Post-industrial and post-consumer recycling processes have renewed connotations that aim at reintroducing recycled materials into the production process on large scale.

Innovations for injection molding:

CMG launches at K the new G17 and G25 series configured for applications beside the press. These are new product lines with attributes of relevance including the tangential-cut rotor blades to obtain utmost cutting precision, homogeneity of the size and shape of the regrind and absence of dust. These features make the new G17 and G25 series the most suitable for precision molding.

Technological advances for extrusion:

The new G25 series also supports the numerous solutions that CMG offers for application on sheet and film extrusion lines for edge trim recovery, with the ET1, ET2 and ET3 versions. The blades with tangential cut and the characteristic of self-ventilation of the cutting chamber allow a precise and dust-free regrind production.

Cutting-edge design for thermoforming:

With the new model XT35-120 CMG consolidates its position of technological and application leadership for all the needs of sheet recovery, skeletal and reject parts, in the production of packaging from thermoforming. In addition to the cutting chamber with a design dedicated to sheet grinding and special steel blades for extended performance over time, the precision of the roller unit, with double motor and automatic pressure control, make this range the perfect choice for in-line and off-line applications.

Supergranulators for post-consumer recycling

The leading position is for the new Evoluzione series. With the new models EV916 and EV616 CMG presents the most performing, versatile, efficient and sustainable solutions. The model on display is the EV616, a 9-ton giant with sufficiently moderate dimensions to be positioned in the stand. In addition to the precision to the hundreth of a millimeter on the construction of the new cutting chamber, which allows a much longer blade life compared to conventional models, all the Evoluzione models are equipped with advanced controls, in the Industry 4.0 style, to make the machine operation 100% monitorable and manageable. Operating temperature, blade wear, productivity, operating efficiency, energy usage, all functional parameters managed on the machine or remotely with OPC-UA protocol connectivity, are just some of the distinctive features.

Adaptive Motor Power - AMP

All CMG units, from medium to high capacity, feature the Adaptive Motor Power function, unique in the size reduction industry. The granulator is able to independently determine which power level to adopt to carry out its work, depending on the quantity of material to be ground, the shape, the weight, the thickness, the type of plastic, the temperature of the piece. The AMP allows to optimize the quality of the regrind to the maximum achievable (particle homogeneity and absence of dust) and to reduce the utilization of energy to the minimum possible. 25Wh/kg is the small amount of energy that a CMG granulator uses, compared to 40 and more Wh/kg a conventional unit wastes. The return on the investment for the AMP is produced in a few months only.

No more dust

CMG presents the new series of VP evacuation systems. The unique feature of VPs is the total absence/no release of dust particles in the environment, a very common problem that conventional regrind handling systems always present. A VP400 evacuation system will be on display at the CMG stand (E22, hall 9)