Change at Otto Systems AG: Otto Hofstetter Holding now holds 100% of the shares

| Business function | Otto Systems AG | Uznach | Switzerland

According to the company, Otto Hofstetter Holding has bought back the 50% shares of the Yudo Group and becomes a sole share holder of Otto Systems AG. The change in the shareholder structure is by mutual agreement and has no influence on further partnership in the field of robotics and hot runner systems.

Otto Systems AG, which was launched in spring 2017, is based in Switzerland. The company concentrates on consulting and engineering of turnkey systems for the production of PET preforms. It was founded as a joint venture between the Korean Yudo Group and the Swiss Otto Hofstetter AG. At the end of July, representatives of the two family companies agreed to appoint Otto Hofstetter Holding as the sole owner. Those responsible have not yet commented on the reasons. However, they state that the cooperation in the areas of robotics and hot runner systems will be continued as before in a spirit of partnership.

Otto System AG configures systems entirely according to the needs of its customers. The focus here is on the total costs over the service life and the production efficiency as well as the expenditure for maintenance and the durability of the system. The experts at the Swiss consulting and engineering company have an extensive portfolio of high-quality components from well-known manufacturers at their disposal. Top and side entry systems are available with injection moulds from two to 192 cavities for containers of up to ten litres. Otto Systems AG's systems, which are already in operation at well-known European bottle manufacturers, convince their operators in terms of performance and reliability. In some cases, higher performance could be achieved during operation, as in the system manufacturer's Tech Center.