Vision Inspection Systems

ALPS Leak Test Machines and IMDvista Vision Inspection Systems for total Bottle Inspection

| Auxillaries | IMD | Brügg | Switzerland

By integrating both leak testing and visual inspection methods into one machine, the new Total Bottle Inspection Solution provides a range of quality-control checks, including the detection of leaks, contaminations, cosmetic defects, measurement, ovality or other material issues.

The combined, linear system can be integrated directly into the production line and enables containers that pass the set criteria to continue down the conveyor, while defective bottles will be rejected into a separate chute.

Michael Lawson, Commercial Director of ALPS is thrilled about the partnership: “In IMD Ltd. We have found a partner that will take our equipment to the next level. We can now offer our customers an integrated system containing the latest technologies for their leak test and inspection requirements. The Total Bottle Inspection Solution will save space as multiple technologies can be combined in one machine, enabling blow molding operations to be even more efficient."