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20 years of PETCYCLE - Exemplary circular economy for disposable bottles

| Business function | PETnology Writing Staff | Germany

Note: Petcycle GmbH is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In 1999, the company launched a closed-loop recycling system for one-way PET bottles on the German market with an innovative reusable beverage crate system. According to the company, around 60 medium-sized beverage companies now use the sustainable cycle system with a total of 1.2 billion bottles and a market share of around 8 percent.

According to Petcycle the deposited reusable crates have been responsible for almost completely returning the empty one-way bottles for 20 years. With a recycling rate of over 99 percent and the use of currently more than 60 percent recyclate in each disposable bottle, Petcycle's system is a role model for the circular economy.

As stated by the company the return is turned into PET bottles or other PET products. Accordingly, no disposal into the environment, no export and no thermal utilization. The eco-friendliness of refillable glass bottles has been reached by Petcycle's bottles for several years due to their high recyclate content and low weight.

In accordance to Hans Baxmeier, Managing Director of Petcycle, and Thomas Fritz, Managing Partner of Ensinger Mineral-Heilquellen GmbH, there are only bottles of pure PET without the addition of other plastics. Therefore, the PET material is always fully recyclable to produce new beverage bottles. Petcycle is not a one-way, but a closed-loop recycling system. The recycled content is 100 percent and the new bottles are 75 percent recycled pet-cycle bottles.

Based on the company's provided information the innovative strength of medium-sized beverage bottlers and the regional beverage brands are effectively strengthened by the use of one-way bottles in reusable crates. Beverage manufacturers have successfully filled a large variety of non-alcoholic beverages such as mineral water, cola, sodas, spritzers and flavored drinks in pet-cycle bottles with more than 150 beverage brands.

As reported by Petcycle consumers appreciate the low weight, safe storage in the reusable crate and the high hygienic standards of the bottles. The closed material cycle and the good eco-balance also fulfill the ever-increasing desire for more sustainability.