BERICAP Closures for PET, Plastic, Metal, Glas, Carton and Flexible Containers

The BERICAP Group is one of the world's leading closure manufacturers of plastic closures. BERICAP produces closures for the metal, plastic and carton container industries to an annual volume of around 60 billion pieces. 

We help our customers to find the perfect closure for their containers.

BERICAP closures for:


  • carbonated soft drinks
  • fruit juices
  • teas
  • energy drinks
  • still and carbonated mineral water
  • bottled water (hod)
  • beer

DAIRY (milk, milk products)

  • metal packaging
  • blow moulded packaging
  • plastic pails
  • carton packaging
  • glass packaging

With 20 factories in 18 countries across the world, on-going projects in Asia, Middle East and Latin America, and a network of licensees and partners, BERICAP offers a truly global service to supply similar products made according to the same quality and service standards to its global customers.

With four central R&D centers in France, Germany, Spain and Turkey, a mould shop in Hungary, and several satellite R&D offices in its main operations, BERICAP is particularly committed to development and innovation in plastic closures for its customers.

BERICAP's services and key competences include:

Product Development
Neck and Orifice Design    
Mould Making
Technical Assistance for Capping Technology
Proprietary Hysteresis capping head

Aseptic  (wet & dry contamination for flat and sports caps)
Hotfill in PET  (1-pc closure technology  and e-wall reduction)

  Product properties:
Chemical Compatibility of Closures and Product
UN Approval for Hazardous Products
Tamper Evidence Systems
IHS Systems
Child Resistance 
Gas Barrier Closures 
Oxygen Scavenging 
Carbonation and Pressure Retention
Weight reduction for sustainability
Closure decoration  (top & side print, UTC laser printing)

Caps and closures for every container

BERICAP can find the closure solution for virtually any container. We manufacture closures for carbonated soft drinks, still mineral water, HOD and water bottles from 5L to 10L, beer bottles, juices, energy drinks, edible oils, sauces and dressings, milk, pharma, chemical and agro-chemical products. Whether in metal, plastic or carton containers, our closures are used for coldfill, cold aseptic fill and hotfill applications.

Cost-saving and sustainable light-weight closures

BERICAP has the light weight neck and closure solution for cold aseptic and hotfilling applications as well as for edible oil.

BERICAP's SuperShorty® and HexaLite® ranges of light-weight closures for new, light-weight PET neck finishes demonstrate the company's commitment to sustainable packaging due to lower plastic resin consumption and lower greenhouse gas emission.

The HexaLite closure family is suitable for the light-weight 26mm neck finish; HexaLite 29 is suitable for the 30mm neck finish. For the 26.7mm neck finish the HexaLite 26 FB offers a total weight saving of 2.8g. Compared with the widely used PET neck 30/25 the savings are significantly higher.

BERICAP has enhanced the DoubleSeal SuperShorty® portfolio suitable for PCO 1881 to include the closure range DoubleSeal SuperShorty Crown for beer, DoubleSeal SuperShorty for CSD, DoubleSeal SuperShorty CSD Eco as a low-weight alternative and DoubleSeal SuperShorty Still for still drinks. DoubleSeal SuperShorty for hot fill applications is also available.

The venting capacity of the SuperShorty design has been enlarged to ensure safe venting on 2.5L bottles filled up to 4.5 vol% CO2, which means no risk of blow-off in case the consumer unscrews closures with excessive speed. All SuperShorty closures are equipped with the well-known DoubleSeal system for safe sealing even under hot climate conditions.

Now BERICAP has completed its product range for PCO 1881 light-weight neck finish with the development of the LinerSeal SuperShorty. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is a two-piece closure made from polypropylene with a free-rotating EVA-liner. The LinerSeal SuperShorty is targeted at markets requesting two-piece closures in general, for UTC liner promotions or looking for a transparent look. The closure performance is comparable to other two-piece closures suitable to PCO 1810.

All HexaLite and SuperShorty closures are equipped with a slit and folded safety band for efficient tamper evidence performance and a reliable and forgiving application on high speed lines. The sealing system has been designed for maximum tightness.

Gas barrier and oxygen-scavenging closures for oxygen sensitive beverages

BERICAP has produced screw caps with gas barrier and oxygen-scavenging properties since 1999. Oxygen sensitive beverages such as juices and beer challenge the PET bottle and the closure with respect to oxygen transmission. BERICAP offers different closure solutions with oxygen scavenger in diameters of 28mm (PCO 1810 and PCO 1881) and 38mm, which perform a valuable contribution to the product protection.

The oxygen scavenger integrated into the corresponding closure predominantly absorbs the oxygen which accumulates in the headspace after filling and is able to lower the oxygen content below the starting level over time. These screw caps are in use by well-known brands.

Non-drip, widemouth and flip-top closures

BERICAP produces a variety of non-drip closures with hinge-lid caps, screw caps, long-skirt pourers or overlapping caps. Each cap is suited to the specific viscosity of the product: from long-skirt pourers for low viscosity products such as vinegar, to hinge-lid caps for medium to high viscosity products such as dressings. Tear-off bands and membranes are included as tamper evident systems. Fitments are also available for flexible packaging.

Widemouth caps for high viscosity sauces and condiments are suitable of glass and plastic jars with a neck finish of up to 80mm. The caps can be printed or embossed and lined with EPE, IHS or PVDC.

Closures and dispensers for chemical products

BERICAP has a large range of closures for chemicals, agrochemicals and motor oil; BERICAP also supplies and develops plastic components for metal cans and plastic containers. BERICAP R&D is highly dedicated to find solutions to customer specific requirements. The specialized R&D group has experience with regulated packages for hazardous products and can handle chemical compatibility issues.



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