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(Photo credit: ElektroPhysik Dr Steingroever GmbH & Co KG)

Measurement technology

Wall thickness measurement: simple, precise, versatile - With the new MiniTest FH, Elektrophysik offers a very compact device for a wide variety of measuring tasks

Cologne, Germany

The compact MiniTest FH from Elektrophysik is a portable measuring instrument for measurements up to 24 mm wall thickness. The ergonomic housing shape and easy handling make it the ideal measuring tool in production and in the quality laboratory. Measurements with MiniTest FH provide information on a wide range of wall thicknesses within a very short time. The measuring system consists of a control and display unit and a sensor connected by cable. Due to the wide range of connectable probes, a variety of measuring tasks can be solved.

AI-based quick calibration and direct data import

All connectable sensors use the SIDSP® method (sensor-integrated digital signal processing). The transmission of the already digitally processed measured values from the sensor to the evaluation unit ensures maximum accuracy. And thanks to the innovative AI-based quick calibration, a zero calibration can be performed for each sensor and sphere diameter within less than ten seconds touching only one button, thus increasing the accuracy of the measured values by 50%.

MiniTest FH offers various interfaces for data transfer to a PC or directly into a CAQ system: Individual readings as well as the entire statistics can be transferred via USB, RS-232C or Bluetooth. As a special feature, MiniTest FH allows direct transfer of measuring values to an Excel spreadsheet or any other evaluation software via USB keyboard emulation.

Wide range of sensors

To cover a wide range of measurement tasks, a selection of sensors with diverse measuring ranges, reference steel balls and target wires as well as different designs modified for special measurement tasks is available.

Intuitive operation

The non-destructive gauge is intuitive to operate and achieves precise results on all non-magnetic materials, regardless of size and shape. Even measurements on sharp edges, narrow diameters and complex geometries can be easily performed with the MiniTest FH. Visualization of the measurement results is provided thanks to a 4.3" color screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels. The control unit also features an integrated rubber rim for protection and a better grip, as well as foldable stands.

Wide range of applications

The application areas of the MiniTest FH are mainly the packaging industry for plastic containers and bottles for chemical substances, cleaning agents and lubricants, as well as the area of food packaging and packaging for medical products. The gauge can also be used to easily determine the wall thickness of glass packaging for a wide range of industries, as well as the wall thickness of materials made of glass for automotive, sanitary and construction applications.

In the context of quality control, for example, the MiniTest FH can lead to savings of several tons of material per year in the production of PET bottles by adjusting the wall thickness to the target specification. Compliance with minimum wall thicknesses to avoid rejects and possible complaints can also be optimized with the MiniTest FH.

Facts and figures / Rugged wall thickness gauge MiniTest FH

  • Measurement of non-ferrous materials up to 24 mm wall thickness
  • Applications: e.g. packaging such as bottles and containers made of glass and plastic, composites, aluminum and titanium parts with complex geometries in aerospace and automotive production
  • Extreme accuracy through digital signal processing
  • Direct data import into evaluation software
  • AI based quick calibration function
  • Splash-proof housing: industry standard IP65 

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