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PET Recycling Plant

Veolia and partners: Inauguration of the new Circular PET plant in Japan

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  • The plant will produce 25,000 tons of food-grade recycled PET resin per year, reducing 27,500 tons of CO2 emission and meeting brand owners’ increasing demand
  • Introduction of Veolia's know-how in Japan to improve the processing of low-grade used PET bottles, which account for more than 50% of volumes generated in Japan, into food-grade recycled PET resin

Veolia, in partnership with a global trading and investment company Mitsui & Co.,Ltd. and Japanese leading retail conglomerate Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., proudly announces the inauguration of the Circular PET plant in Tsuyama, Japan. This state-of-the-art facility marks a significant milestone in realizing a circular business model that recycles used PET bottles into high-quality raw materials for Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

This plant joins Plastiloop, a network of over 40 Veolia plastic recycling plants spread across the world. Veolia is the world leader in recycled plastic, with 500,000 metric tons of plastic recycled by 2023.

PET bottles with caps or labels left on or leftover drinks have been considered difficult for bottle-to-bottle recycling in Japan. Using Veolia’s experience and know-how, the Circular PET plant can effectively recycle such material and produce new food-grade PET bottles, contributing to a more sustainable future. The plant can produce 25,000 tons of food-grade recycled PET resin per year, reducing 27,500 tons of CO2 emission and meeting brand owners’ increasing demand.

To ensure a steady supply of raw materials, Circular PET has established partnerships with key players in the industry, including the West Japan Railway Company and Kyushu Japan Railway Company. These partnerships enable the collection of used PET bottles, which are then sorted, crushed, washed, melted, and subjected to solid-state polymerization to produce high-quality recycled PET resin.

“Veolia is a historic global player in plastics recycling with over 30 years of experience. Through the Circular PET plant and in collaboration with local communities, Veolia contributes to "bottle-to-bottle" recycling in Japan, promoting the reduction of environmental impact and decarbonization. We are committed to accelerating ecological transformation in Japan.” says Guillaume Dourdin, President & Representative Director of Veolia Japan.

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