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The Impact of Packaging - Decoration Solutions Between Maximisation & Sustainability

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Packaging is one of the most essential components for presenting a brand’s identity. Being the only medium besides the product itself always in direct contact with the consumer, it plays a crucial role in effectively carrying the brand message out into the world.

There are many different situations consumers go through when deciding on what to buy. Whether it is in front of a supermarket shelf or at a bar – in any case surprising features and an outstanding appearance of a product have immense impact on what the decision will be. Creating unique brand experiences has therefore become one of the top goals for leading brands worldwide. Whether it‘s personalisation or never seen before effects and embellishments, the aim goes beyond catching the consumer‘s eye: It is to connect, to convey a positive feeling and to build or strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer. 

Packaging pioneer CCL Label helps create the desired brand image by actively supporting global and local companies of the consumer goods industry with latest technologies and innovations, as well as vast printing capabilities. With the experience of more than 60 years in the industry and immense network of packaging experts and production sites they are able to support companies worldwide with the same high quality and give them access to the latest technologies. 

Over the past years design optimisations, new-to-market label constructions as well as functional and promotional solutions have helped create trend-setting brand images. By modernising their brand identity, CCL’s customers see increased sales, acknowledging that visual identity is a decisive factor for success at the point of sale. Pressure sensitive labels, 360° decorative shrink and stretch sleeves offer original and powerful ways to attract new consumers across all demographic segments.


Thanks to the sophisticated label construction the different materials can be easily separated during recycling. Inks and adhesive do not pollute the PET akes by staying on the removed label parts. The PET can be reused right away. 

Even though the labels are built to be recycling-friendly they offer immense creative freedom. Label constructions with embellishments such as tactile varnish were approved separately by EPBP and APR as EcoStream+ to verify that their functionality is not affected.



While WashOff and EcoStream focus on the removal and separation of decoration and container, EcoSolve and EcoSource are devoted to the label itself – taking the evolution of labels even one step further.

To offer a broad range of sustainable decoration CCL Label has developed two options providing solutions for different kinds of ecological challenges.

The EcoSource labels consist of components with up to 94% biological share. They enable the use of raw materials made from renewable resources such as rapeseed oil based adhesive. The chosen bioplastics and biobased adhesives do not fall short compared to other variants: Their processability and clarity guarantee secure performance and premium appearance.

EcoSolve labels are biodegradable and compostable. Therefore they are the ideal solution for ecological containers such as bottles made of PLA. The ecological composition is suitable for conventional printing techniques and meets all the requirements of “OK Compost” certi cate standards.

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