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Placon expands multi-layer material capabilities

Madison, WI, United States

Continuing its commitment to sustainability, Placon now manufactures multi-layer laminated sheet to benefit the food industry. The laminated materials include a sealable barrier sheet that prevents moisture from passing through the container and a sealable high-barrier sheet that has an added EVOH layer to avert oxygen as well. The initial offering is laminated to Placon’s own EcoStar® post-consumer recycled PET enhancing sustainability efforts.

The EcoStar laminated sheet structures provide an optimal solution for perishable food items. The high-barrier multi-layer material includes the EcoStar PCR PET material alongside an EVOH barrier, a peelable seal, and a PE-based sealant best applied for perishable food items that need moisture and oxygen protection. Placon recommends the non-barrier sheet for use as a moisture-preventing container with peelable film-seal lids. The finished structures of both sheets are designed to accompany airtight seals in high-speed automation machines, and ultimately deliver a longer shelf-life.

“Customers are looking for sustainable, plastic packaging options. Providing barrier sheets made with post-consumer content helps them meet their sustainability goals,” stated Brian Hodek, Sales Director, Food.

Placon has used post-consumer recycled PET in their PET packaging for more than thirty (30) years. The EcoStar facility remanufactures recycled curbside and ocean-bound PET bottles and thermoforms by producing flake and making
simply better packaging.


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